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Thread: Suggestion for Fantasy MMO?

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    Default Suggestion for Fantasy MMO?

    I used to play perfect world and guild wars 2 in the past and perfect world was one of my favourite games.

    What I liked about Perfect World:
    Farming Dungeons for materials to craft equipment
    Faction Based PvP/Guild Wars for Territory
    Non-action based combat.

    Right now I am looking at Rift and FFXIV.

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    You might like Cabal Online or Lusternia

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    People who like Perfect World often also liked Ragnarok Online. Which also means Cabal Online is a good suggestions because people who liked the other two games also often like Cabal.

    The two games you are looking at are both also good options. Which one of the two? Not much difference according to your requirements so you can go for both. Depends on which payment model you like more. Rift is F2P now while FFXIV is still P2P.

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    I suggest trying FFXIV if you can afford the subscription. Like Rya said though, you can also try the original Ragnarok Online (If you can get used to the tile system.)

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    Final Fantasy FFXIV sounds like something you'd enjoy. It always goes on sale so I'm sure you can find a good deal somewhere. Within the first month you should be able to decide if it's the game for you. Honestly it's the only game out at the moment that pumps out content like it does. The devs are so in touch with the community with live letters, quality of life changes, and new dungeons. The only thing the game lacks is a good incentive for PvP, but PvP changes are coming and they are actively working on making it better. Plus two new classes (dagger user and gun user) will be added in the coming months.

    All my opinion -

    Gorgeous Game (if you enjoy the artstyle)
    Fun combat (if you like the combat style)
    Dungeons are fun and challenging
    New free vanity system
    Changing hairstyle facial features for cheap in game currency anytime
    Optimized extremely well (can run on stoneage pc's)
    Pretty social
    Great community
    Content coming out like crazy
    Because SE is running it this game will be up for life. Don't expect it to go F2P ever.
    No cash shop
    Has been in the top 10 played games for PC list for awhile (really populated)

    Meh PvP
    Some people get bored with dungeon grinding (but what do you expect to do end game in an MMORPG??? You're supposed to have fun killing shit)
    Not action combat (some people don't like this, I don't mind personally)
    Global Cooldown (subjective I don't mind much I got over it, but worth mentioning)

    My list may be biased because it's my current go to game atm. I can't comment on RIFT because I couldn't get past the ugly art style, I couldn't make a good looking character for the life of me, which is a huge deal breaker. I like to look badass while I kill shit. And I prefer eastern art style.

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