I think this game has some great potential actually, but whether they run with it or not is up to them.

When I first started playing, and created my character, It was gorgeous. Super polished and looked amazing, with great customizaton. I spent a good amount of time creating my character and checking out all that was available. It just looked really well done. Then I loaded up the game, and it looked like the developers threw up on my screen. Seriously... HORRIBLE interface, buggy, and barely functional. And the "Black Gold" mode, Standard mode etc.... The only way to play this game is with the crosshair mode, but even that is really buggy and not well done.

But seriously... if they polish the interface, questing, and gameplay as well as they polished the character creation, this game could be great. But if the character creation is where they stop, then I wont be playing it much after its released, if at all.