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Sorry to hear all the people not impressed or nt going to play it. I am sorry that you are going to miss out on the next big thing. Wildstar may not be for everyone but it well worth the shot and a go. Specially if you like any part of an MMO. Literally pick a part an WS has it. So if you not going to play wildstar for a non concrete reason i would at least urge anyone to try it for at least an hour if you dont like it well shiet then u got ur free 7 day trial out of it at least (yes anyone that has the game has trial keys to give away if im not mistaken.)
Sorry, but I heard about the same thing with ESO. I'm letting its remaining 20day+ game time to rot, atm.

BTW, what's at lv 15 in Wildstar ? People say that's when the game 'picks up'. Obviously I didn't get that high lvl during Beta...