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Ever wanted Devil May Cry as an mmo? Well now you don't have to desire that. Kritika is all of that with a dash of Dragon Nest and C9 thrown in. This game is a dungeon crawler all the way.

4 very unique characters to play. They can be altered.
Combo System is sick the amount of carnage you can do is crazy
Enemy Ai isn't stupid like most games. So it's a challenge at higher levels
Sound track reminds me of Guilty Gear "Not a bad thing"
Cool Looking bosses
Gear drops in this game are rather generous compared to most.
A lot of people playing which surprised me. A lot of english gamers too.

Gender Lock Shows It's Head Again
Some characters combos blind you. So you can't see being attacked.
Mobs sometimes gain speed boost to close ground. It's a little cheesey.
Some NPC's Look Wierd (You just have to see them it's scary)
Game may get picked up by nexon........yea


I like it I get to go ham and go nuts on enemies. It's not button mashy, because that will get you killed if you don't learn how to play. My one gripe is it needs more customization that isn't cash shopped. Which the exact same thing that Dungeon Fighter does. But the ability to Bankai on noobs...Keeps me playing over and over. It is coming west so look at for this one.