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Thread: GW2 or Rift: Who wants to play?

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    Default GW2 or Rift: Who wants to play?

    Honestly, I'd rather not play either of these two games. I'm just trying to kill time until either I find a job or some kind of work or hobby, I got back to college, I lose my sanity, or ArcheAge goes into OB. Whichever comes first.

    I remember Rift looking very promising when I first saw it come out, and it sounded good enough, but I remember playing it and seeing how gray, plain, boring, and rectangular-looking my Human male character looked. Don't get me wrong, I think the Human males in TERA look ridiculous, with their big-ass neck muscles and triceps, ridiculously large jaw-line, their bulky and barrel-shaped torsos with a surprisingly small waist, and bulgy arm and leg and thigh muscles, and big, muscular, stupid-looking heads, and big hands and feet, but that's part of what made them look so fun. They looked like toy soldiers or action figures! RESCUE HEEE-ROOOOS!!! In Rift, my character...looked like a rectangular cardboard cutout.

    After struggling on deciding certain things about my character, and after completing the tutorial, and after looking at some videos of the game, I lost all interest in it and stopped playing.

    I'm tempted to play Guild Wars 2 since I already know what class and (I think) what race I want to play as in that game, and I already paid for it, stupid me. The game does not entirely appeal to me in aesthetics or style, but it is better looking and feeling than most MMORPGs. I don't know why, but I don't like how they handle dying in the game. I kind of feel like if I die or I kill a player, they should stay dead, but I haven't played the game enough to make firm judgment of this system. Also, I never got past the beginner area. I played with a few different classes and races, and then I stopped. I plan on playing as an Asura Engineer, because I like technical, challenging, and gun-based classes, and playing as an Asura Engineer kind of reminds me of Ratchet & Clank. Also, once AA comes out or I go back to college, I'm most likely am going to forget all about GW2 again.

    I played the Secret World for awhile, and I really got into it! But I still ended up quitting the game pretty quickly. I guess I had so much fun investigating, solving puzzles, evading deadly security beams, and seeing the plot unfold in Kingsmouth, that I totally forgot that I was playing an MMORPG! And then the game swiftly reminded me that I was, indeed, playing an MMORPG by requiring me to grind enough to get some good-enough skills to handle some tough-ass zombies guarding the hanger where the next plot point was located, and I was like "Oh! *Le quit*".

    I tried playing Aion Online, and maybe I was getting to the good part of the game, but after the novelty of piloting a minimecha that was basically just an infinite buff with a minimecha skin for it that was required to be activated to use most of the skills wore off, and after I made it to level 30 and found that I was still as broke as shit, I still had few skills to use, and I still was grinding and quest-grinding on boring, linear, solid ground, I got bored and quit.

    I would go back to playing Mabinogi, the only MMORPG that I feel gave me what I was looking for other than ArcheAge (assuming ArcheAge does not suck or get screwed over in NA), but long story short, I need to reset my account password, but the email address it sends the email to is an old one I stopped using because the password won't work (or I forgot it), and it won't reset, and I can't get any cust**** support to reset it. The email I used as a backup for the case of this is an even older one I don't use anymore that got recycled by Yahoo.

    I contacted Nexon's cust**** support about this by submitting a ticket, and they said they needed more info. So I gave them more info. Then I got a message saying that their traffic of tickets is high right now, and that I would need to wait longer for a response. So I waited and waited, and no response.

    I could start over in Mabinogi, but I really don't want to because one, I payed for a rare dragon mount and I really want it back, especially since I don't have any money right now, and two, ArcheAge is the game that I am hoping will replace Mabinogi in my book, and it feels like Christmas: Just around the corner.

    I've considered playing RaiderZ, but it just fails to interest me, for some reason. Even with it's combat.

    So, what does anyone say? Is it worth it to try and play GW2 or Rift, or should I just go back to modded minecraft and/or get a f**king job, which is nearly impossible because society and the economic suck?

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    Getting a job will not solved your problem. P2P games suck as well. Though you will have about 8hrs less time per day to wonder what games to play next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASNZern View Post
    Getting a job will not solved your problem. P2P games suck as well. Though you will have about 8hrs less time per day to wonder what games to play next.
    Hahaha thissss

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