Open Beta Test – June 20th

After two successful rounds of closed testing, Black Gold Online will move into Open Beta Testing beginning on June 20th!
Barely two weeks away, the Open Beta will feature a patched version of CB with optimal adjustments and balancing.
Black Gold Online is FREE to PLAY, with continual patches and future content updates. Fans who have participated in previous tests will be able to enter the game with their existing accounts, while those interested in joining signup & download the client before the test servers launch!
In addition, the Black Gold Online premium Conqueror’s Edition is now available for Pre-Order from our retail partners at Amazon, BestBuy and GameStop. This pack will grant players access to special exclusive content for the Open Beta Test and beyond. The full release to follow in the future will have no character wipe, meaning fans will be able to continue their characters from the OBT into the future.