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Thread: Trying to find another MMORPG like RuneScape

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    the games i listed starting from lunaria story are all browser based.

    just so you know that web based games still download stuff and by this it means they download content little by little in your temporary internet files, sometimes it could feel even slower than downloading the game client itself.. having to load things over and over again is annoying. none the less there are quite a few interesting browser mmos but most of them don't really have partying or real pvp. blade hunter is a 2d beat em up side scroller game with combos, pretty exciting and different compared to the typical automated turnbased browser garbage out there, it could get a little tiring if you play for few hours or longer but none the less it's a good title.

    are you okay with automatic combat games? i don't like it when its auto but these are games that are auto yet have dashing graphics.

    Fairytail Online - yeah the chinese stole the japanese anime's idea, thats what they are good at, the graphics are pretty though.

    Pockie Kingdom - a game where you press a hero or a soldier and have them attack things while they progress through the map and in the end kill the enemy king/queen for the victory, not as automated as most games since you can atleast cast spells as a king/queen and also choose when to spawn your hero or soldier, if you don't spawn them right in example: if you didn't spawn a swordsmen soldier which offers you a nice defense and spawn a archer hero first, its likely for the enemy soldiers to kill your archers if they swarm the archer and lose you your match, it's pretty fun especially knowing that you can unlock more slots and different heroes!

    Pirate King Online - aka onepiece version of that fairytail game xD in other words it's another automatic combat however the graphics are also pretty stunning, eyecandy game i guess

    Here are the top three online card games that i found interesting.

    Rise of Mythos is a card game with single campaigns, has a few strategies, pvp is alot of fun and there are party dungeons which is very challenging, i really love the character designs too. gameplay is pretty much wait till your card timer gets to 0 so you could put them on the field and have them reach the enemy player and drop them to 0 hp. there are also creatures that have vigilance which means they can attack behind them, you need them to defend against rush decks, also flying creatures fly over ground creatures (to counter this you need human wall card which you can't fly over "wierd logic but whatever")

    Heroes of the Realm - this one is kind of automated, you can still pretty much use your own combination to get higher attack rating and such, there is a few pvp content that is unlocked midgame and it gets fun as you understand how the game works at first i was upset at first when i saw the automated combat but the illustrations, upgrading buildings kept me playing long enough!
    server 2 is better because its linked with kongregate or you can play from kongregate if you want, hotr in kongregate didnt work for me.

    Kingdoms CCG - this card game is like the usual card games where you fight with cards instead of summoning cute dolls xD once you summon a creature with your mana you need to wait a turn before you can attack with it, you can only attack them directly if there are no monsters blocking the lane though there are flying creatures that can attack through normal creatures to damage them directly, graphics
    may not look appealing at first but once you understand how the gameplay works, it's worth it! i really like the queue system for pvp.

    in Heroes of the Realm, Kingdoms CCG, Rise of Mythos, you have an option to create multiple accounts to try getting better cards as it's luck based, i made like 8 accounts and half of them got rate cards the other half didn't even have.

    other tcg games suck no offense :#

    if you want more games has many available and all of them are web based, if you go to multiplayer you can find many online web games but most of them don't really have anything like party or a real pvp.
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