Ok so I have been playing Hextcg taking a break from hearthstone while the gameplay is decent it is very much a mtg clone in every sense of the word
Still I enjoyed playing until in their shop I discovered a sponsorpay option this is where you can do surveys and the like to gain game currency for your efforts
I decided to go ahead and give this a shot the next day I decided to buy some platinum as their currency is called, when I discovered my account had been banned from making any transactions.
I opened a Ticket with Gameforge a company they use to take care of their transactions , which after three days of waiting responded saying that Verify Gamepay would be handling my case and when I finally got in contact with Verify was told my ban is lifted and that any further sponsorpay offers would result in a permanent ban.

I went to buy platinum to discover that my ban was not lifted and again opened a ticket with gameforge as you have to go through them first and again the run around response that it would be sent to Verify.
To add to the frustration there are no phone numbers to call to talk to a live person, you can only submit a ticket and find yourself at the mercy of someone actually doing their job which is quite obvious they are sitting with their thumbs well you get the picture.
My point if this is their cust**** service imagine if it had been more serious say an issue of over payment etc with ones credit card or paying and not receiving paid for merchandise... not being able to speak to someone and given the run around....
Friends if you do decide to play be very wary that this is how the cust**** service there is run