I tried
Metin 2 - is ok
Kal online - is ok
9dragons - is ok
Cabal online - meh
Shaiya - annoying
Silkroad - not enough detailed maps
dekaron - is ok
talisman online - love it currently playing since 2009 or 2010
soul order online - is really good
asura force -is good
steam city arkadia - is really good
world of warcraft - ****ing love it though I need to download it again
lotro - same as WoW
aion - downloading
pwi - is really good but lacks players on low maps
jade dynasty - is really good
fiesta online - is really good
eden eternal - is really good
allods online - is really good
forsaken world - is really good
atlantica online - is really good but I don't like the combat system
tera rising - downloading but not sure if I can run it
runescape - meh
runes of magic - millions of patches no thanks
knight online - is really good - playing
vindictus - forgot

so yeah please suggest me some free to play mmorpg with high playerbase and graphics between Talisman Online and World of Warcraft (or at least with options in setting to set such graphics)

oh and please do me a favor and point this out in your suggestions just write which game has a class that's like a rogue but uses axes and/or a class which is like a mage but isn't ranged

Thank you very much in advance