It's retarded how people on MMORPG forums and Youtube comments are like, "not another MOBA." Yeah, imagine if we said that about every ****ing MMORPG, every racing game, every fighting game, every shooter game, every... are you getting the pattern here? All the same foundation, all the same structure, just different concepts and takes on the games genre, which potentially make them better!

Look at how many WoW clones there are, and yet there are still games like RIFT which are doing very well!

Just accept that MOBAs are one of the largest game genres in the world right now, and the market is entirely new. Why would gaming companies just sit back and say, "Eh, LoL and DOTA2 are making millions upon millions of dollars a year, but why make a game like that, lets just make another WoW clone."

Anyone who has the confidence to be so ignorant to whine and say "not another MOBA", or "why are they making more MOBAs", was clearly depreciated of intelligence as a child. It's the same as saying, "why make money?", "why add more options to play for a brand new genre of game?", "why try to join in the largest growing game genres in the world?"

You may not have the patience to learn the game in order to have fun, you may have never played and didn't like the look of it, and you may have played, perhaps enjoyed, and then decided it sucks (there are a lot of former Maple Story and Runescape fans here). That is all right! But stop these ignorant one line posts trying to stop video game developers who are trying to give us more options besides LoL or DOTA2. You might not like MOBAs just because of those two games! Why wouldn't you want more games in the genre which have a style of gameplay you enjoy!

Just because it comes from the same foundation, the same structure, and has to follow the same bit of rules to be considered a MOBA, it does not mean it is the same game!