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Oh you mean the hundreds of MMOs which come out in between the trailers of new MOBAs?
There hasn't been many MOBAs released at all, just a bunch of trailers saying they're working hard on a game, and perhaps a couple of betas.

You want a variety of games? Go to GamenGame they release an MMO a week.

I really wish to know how many times you see MOBAs being released over other genres of games. I browse these forums as well, and I only see the same discussion topics for LoL, DOTA2, and SMITE and perhaps a couple of times Dawngate pops up. Then tons of months in between Prime World, and Strife were discussed.

Where are these hundreds of repetitive MOBAs you are seeing? Could you list them?

Big companies have been hyping these new MOBAs which are in beta and whatnot, and they've really worked hard on making their MOBA different from the others (Heroes of the Storm, Infinite Crisis). That is exactly what everyone wants to do. They know they can't make another LoL or DOTA, so they add very noticeable mechanics or gimmicks which say, "I can only get this if I play this game." Because the problem with MOBAs is that you do not feel locked down to one character, so you do not feel locked down to one game.

If they want to be very successful, they need players committed to their game alone.
Every MOBA that is coming out is not being rushed. Actually completely opposite. If MMORPGs put this much time into their betas and interaction with their players, and development, we'd have a lot more commended MMOs like back in the day where games like Anarchy Online, Ragnarok Online, Runescape, Maple Story, Shadowbane, Everquest, Final Fantasy Online, Eve Online, Ultima Online, and etc were the norm.

MOBAs are bringing back that minuscule added detail which allow for complex flexibility if the gamer wants it. Because it is no longer about the characters. It is about the players. It is about You as a person to be successful in the MOBA genre. The hand holding throughout the entire game is no longer there. You're left to fend for yourself and forced to forge relationships to get there.
Dude, he was just saying his part and stating he feels that more genuine mmos came out. Don't have to get all butthurt when no one agrees with your point, It doesent help it.