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Thread: Most Stable MMOs

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    Default Most Stable MMOs


    I have played a lot of MMOs, and one thing that I have noticed quite a lot is, is how much trouble nearly every one of them gives you just getting into the game. Some games I have to try repeatedly to get on, because if it fails at any point along the way, I have to close the while thing down and start over (Raiderz). Others just have some stubborn third party software that absolutely must run before the game itself, and this software just can't seem to connect (Vindictus). Even when you get in, the threat of a DC is always in the back of your mind.

    Now granted, I am aware that human perception is somewhat warped, and does focus on the negatives. But that's the point. The uncertainty is always there, in the back of the mind, that at any moment things could go bad.

    So what I want to know is: what is the most stable MMO? What MMO never ever gives you any trouble just getting in, and never DCs? I want the peace of mind while I play knowing that my play time won't be interrupted.
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    VERITAS seems quite stable but expensive.

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    Despite all its other problems, I've rarely crashed or DC'd in Age of Wushu. The only time I've DC'd is when my own internet went out. However, it also has crappy ping and some other issues that kinda make that null (in my opinion).

    Can't really think of any other MMOs off the top of my head. Haven't played many others for an extended amount of time over the past few years.
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    tera is probably the easiest to get in to cause you'll go like 'oh sweet cool combat!' but its also easy to get out of in a while xD

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    I guess most stable games are the ones where the developer is also the publisher.

    The most stable game I've played so far is probably Allods Online.

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