Also I am going to give you more scoops on ffxiv because it is getting the most love. I will say. I don't think an mmo has ever hurt me as bad as ffxiv. I honestly can't believe they pooped this mess out. Firstly, crafting... Don't bother. No one, NO ONE needs anything you craft. I took multiple jobs to 50. The game spoon feeds you every piece of gear you will ever need. I never consume food for the "boosts" and am never lacking in my party role. How does a game include crafting, but then shoot themselves in the foot and make it one of the most pointless waste of time parts of the game? (There is no argument here. If you ever bought anything crafted, it was solely so you could spend money. Not cuz you needed anything.)

Then the jobs. You get a horrifically crappy selection of job skills (freekin 5 of them..........). AND every class/job gets its own buffs. They leave no room for a utility job of any kind. There is no room for any job that is not healer, damage dealer, or tank. That to me just sounds awful. Give me variety! This class issue is the worst for me. I just don't think I can ever overlook this. Especially with what they did to my bard. Giving him 3 songs and every single one is worthless and unneeded... He doesn't even get buffs like a bard should. Just mp and to regen (which is almost never necessary).

Their crap class system also destroys leveling. The class arcanist can become a scholar or summoner. If you level scholar, boom you automatically have a lvl 50 summoner too. Wtf? Your summoner should still be lvl 30!

The world is also disappointingly small. Very few zones, each one small and quickly traversed on your mount. Relic weapons are a joke. They might as well just give them to you as a thank you for posting their game. So you know, everyone is running around with their strongest weapons cuz they sneezed and were rewarded with a relic.

And as soon as binding coil part two came out, they turned part one into happy sunshine land. They make old content laughably easy when new content is released..........

Like turn 2 in coil. There was an exploit kind of where you could easily best it (known add enrage strategy). SE fixed this so you couldn't do enrage start and had to do it as it was intended. People complained so they switched it back. Really se.... Really......

These are not exaggerations. This is the junk that is going on with ffxiv and I can only see it getting worse unless they completely overhaul it AGAIN! Save your time and money on that one if you ask me.