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Thread: RIP C9 / Webzen?

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    Default RIP C9 / Webzen?

    AegisRick recently posted this video:

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    And man oh man, he hits the points far better than what I could of done. He is pretty much fed up with how w-word has been treating the game. Rightfully so too. I felt a lot of weight coming off my shoulders after watching this and decided to post it here to spread the word. Alot of C9 players' are subbed to his channel and he has a great community behind him. He really deserves a better game to play. Hopefully Black Desert? Why a company would treat this amazing game like this, continues to boggles my mind!

    I hope BDO chooses wisely who they are going to be publishing with. Because this is a PERFECT ****ing example of how a publisher can be cancer and will slowly eat your game alive.

    Edit: Right after making this topic, I checked AegisRick's youtube and he updated his description:

    "I've got an important update:
    Since making this video I fear I made the wrong people angry. I got Banned from the game only 9 hours later. Was fun guys, but I hope this shows what you're dealing with. I'm sorry I couldn't Finish that UG guide afterall"

    Unbelievable. At a loss of words.
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