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Thread: thinking of geting dreads

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApocaRUFF View Post
    As I said, there are a few occasions where people have dreads and I've not thought them an asshole.

    Maybe it's just the part of the United States I live in, but a lot of the people I see with dreads nowadays are overweight, full of themselves, and like to start fights they can't win. In short, they're the typical slobs and/or bullies. It's like half the bullies (no matter their skin color) in high school think it's a great idea to get dreads in their twenties and carry on like they're still in High School. For that reason, dreads are kinda tainted for me. Whenever I see someone with them, at least in real life, I end up thinking, "Oh boy, here we go again..." and do my best to forget they exist.

    But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everyone that gets dreads is going to be an asshole. Just like not everyone who wears their pants way lower than they should isn't going to be an asshole. However, a vast majority of them seem to be,
    Quote Originally Posted by not.all.there View Post
    Im not a asshole in real life in truth im very kind and nice. Im not violent and dont pick fights. But if it came to me defending my self i would. I just like dreads. Im tired of you guys calling me fat. Im still losing weight.
    I feel both of these posts and where they're coming from. In a similar boat.

    Honestly, I try to be nice to people. Partially because I am nice, partially because I am shy, but after my first year of college, I honestly don't see the point in being either anymore, but that's another subject. I guess I just got to "codeswitch" between being myself and being some Mr. Hyde ****er when I'm around some people.

    Quote Originally Posted by TreyTrey12 View Post
    Every dread head in Chicago be looking like chief keef tho
    Ew. Do you know how ****ing tired I am of seeing niggas like that in Memphis?

    Quote Originally Posted by ApocaRUFF View Post
    No one is calling you a loser or fat. I'm just explaining why I don't like dreads in general.
    I don't think he was talking about you, I don't think. Just getting a biiiiiit defensive.

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    Make sure to post selfies afterwards Duby.

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    "That white guy who has dreads".

    Not a good look.

    Don't do it.
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    think of how good the pics would be, though

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    i dunno, i think this kind of look works really well

    i think you have to be kind of tall and thin and have that sandy blonde color hair for it to look good, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSkald View Post
    i dunno, i think this kind of look works really welli think you have to be kind of tall and thin and have that sandy blonde color hair for it to look good, imo.
    It's a hairstyle, they look good based on the person, and how well they take care of their hair. But eveuntually, people get used to it. Interesting thing to note though is most people who have them dont call them dreads because of the negative connotations and stereotypes associated with the word. But even more interesting than that, before we even begin to talk about whether or not Duby would look good with them, (which is irrelevant in my book) is how would he even afford them with no job? Do you have any idea how much they cost to maintain and how much more you'll be charged if your hair is not naturally curly? It's outright hysterical to think this is a possibility for him currently simply because of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenonight2 View Post
    western appropriation of non-western artifacts and authenticity isn't very cool
    Except dreads as a hair-style isn't a non-western artifact. It's a hairstyle that's been used by a wide variety of cultures around the world since the neanderthal, several of which were white. It's not unique nor inherent to any culture.

    And, as ronin pointed out, that logic is bunk anyways. Would you tell non-whites to please stop wearing western clothes because they're appropriating our culture, making it all "global" and "non-white" and stuff? Or tell POP to stop straightening their naturally curled hair, and appropriating white hair-styles? No you wouldn't, and neither would I.
    Culture is a dynamic collection of ideas, norms, and practices that evolve over time. It can't be owned, controlled, or laid claim to by anyone. The idea of doing something like that is to reinforce culture as a static instance of importance to one set of individuals which again reinforces the very sentiment that gives birth to nationalism and racism to begin with.
    You can't argue for "cultural integrity" for one group of people while at the same time denying it for others.
    If a non-western culture has the right to remain aborted from western influence or western "appropriation", then by the same token western cultures should be treated by the same standard(of course, neither of them should).
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