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    Default Post your battlestations

    I feel like a douchebag because I saw duby's desktop thread and walked around my house taking pictures thinking he meant your physical, not to let my 10 minutes of effort go to waste, I'm making this thread now.

    Main chill zone. In the process of repainting the dresser...hoarder status on the right since this is my "office" as well as my main gaming room. I ship a lot of stuff out of here so it's always buried in a constant rotation of this junk.

    Wall on the right.

    Stuff and gross TMNT recycling can.

    Current Sony collection, minus collectors editions (which are above). Got that comic today, signed by one of the TMNT creators

    PC steez. I tried to hide all my paraphernalia around the house to abide by the rules but I guess I missed the ash tray. Yeah that's my second Wii...third in the living room lol.

    Nintendo collection in limbo until I can figure out a way to hook up multiple consoles and not explode the breaker (got a lot of stuff running up here, all on the same circuit.)

    My bar...the TV the Wii is on is wall mounted across from this :]

    Now you! For those of you who remember how this place used to be, I think this is the first update since I've pimped it out.
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