I am starting to create an MMORPG and we're at the current stage of putting together all the ideas that we want in the game so we can start developing the game like-wise, I was very interested in what everyone else would like to see in this game so we can make the game as interesting and playable to anyone as possible.

Not every suggestion we get will go ahead due to difficulties and how we want our game to be structured, but anything we can do that doesn't restructure the game differently to planned, we'll should go ahead with it.

Also, the game is going to be called World of Aether just for anyone who wanted to know, Alpha stage should be active around 2016 and finished production should be around 2018, we will have multiple smaller games finished during production, as well as other larger projects that we will work on in the meantime too. Once each game is finished, we will also work on expansions, updates etc.

Apparel and books should also be sold when finished or near finished.

- - - Updated - - -

I have setup a Google Docs form just to keep the suggestions more organised!

Form here: