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Thread: Fantasica, another great android game.

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    Default Fantasica, another great android game.

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    Another great find. It's quite fun and has a sort of old school FF artstyle. Just like Brave frontier that I posted before, it's also "online" and you can gather units to get stronger. It's pretty easy to get 4*+ units, so I'd say give it a try.

    Also, if you'd like. Use my referral code. It will give you 500 hero points (used to get a big headstart ingame), but ofcourse I'll also get 500 points for the first and after that it's 100 hero points.

    Referral code: 130348965

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    Is that a tower-defense type of game?
    I also tried Brave Frontier, but finally sticked with Summoners War for now - and I'm enjoying it a lot!

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    been addicted to hello hero for quite some time now. I think it has the best yield of iap cash you can get from just playing the game.
    spent 10 bucks on it, and already have 270 crystals saved up to buy the 10+1 hero royal pack. spent the 10 bucks for random 4 star heroes as well. Pretty awesome for a game that i only played a week on

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    heads up - this game is one of the most p2w games on the android market. Take heed when decided to play any of Mobage games, all which are extremely pay to win. You will hit frequent brick walls. forget about getting any good 6*+ cards unless u spend hundreds. forget about doing events if u dont spend some serious dough because u will never be on rankings. If you played blood brothers then u should already know what kind of events this game will hold.
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