I bought the game, and so did couple of my friends. We all quit before first month was over.

This game is uber grindy, and somehow ruined by level 50 adventures, well that is my opinion. Then there is the imbuement thingy, and farming of those elder points.

Personally one of the most off turning things for me in this game is the splitting areas in multiple instances, and by that I mean you don't really see people anywhere, not even like in the capital, at least in my case. In my opinion it makes it a lot harder to actually find anykind of community in this game, meaning at least for me I was soloing most of my time. Most likely the reason is, I just chose wrong server and side, not enough people for anything.

The game seems to require minimum of 8 gigs of memory... I feel the game is extremely poorly optimized in terms of memory consumption. The moment I start watching the memory usage of this game with process explorer, the commit memory just sky rockets, meaning this game constantly swaps memory with harddrive space on 4 gig memory.

The games dungeons were fun tho, and the leveling itself wasnt all that bad, it just feels that once you hit lvl 50, I myself personally felt like running against the wall.