No girls allowed in Hearthstone E-sports

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    Cause they obviously want to have real matches. These lonely bastards will probably lose on purpose and hope they'll get laid.
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    I should have known that trying to spark real discussion within OnRPG wouldn't work.

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    I think you meant to post this is the lounge. If not, then that means pretty much all of you get warnings, and the one guy who decides to post sexist jokes gets temp/permabanned.

    Just saying, think about the content of your posts before you actually post.

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    yeah, this doesn't make sense.

    title 9 has only made female participation and achievement in sports reach greater and greater heights in the US.

    they are literally saying, "legitimate sports split genders so we should too to seem legitimate."

    UMMMM barack obama appears legitimate and he wears a tie. I'm not as legit as obama if I wear a tie.

    It just doesn't logically follow. This is basic formal functioning. Kids are able to think this stuff through by age 12.

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    I didn't feel like reading the entire article so if this was posted somewhere, then so be it.

    But I'm assuming one of the main reasons is because of sympathy that male gamers may or may not have towards female gamers that can throw off the entire tournament.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acreon View Post
    Is there any empirical evidence that men and women are different(better or worse than the other) at video games?
    You know, the thing is it's fashionable to talk about high evidence standards, but in the end no one reads those studies in full and all you get is some sensationalist myth some person projected onto it. Otherwise it's not news and you won't get to see it.

    Do you really need a study to answer your question?
    I could make one up for you...

    How long did it take for female soccer to gain any traction? Well, it still doesn't have much anyways. How long will heartstone last as a "sport"? A handful of years? Who knows...
    That they don't feature a female league for that game doesn't strike me as a situation where I I need to start calling out that the "pillars of society are broken".
    I bet you one thing though: The Koreans made split leagues because their audience prefers watching those. As a matter of fact, they built their format the way they wanted and succeeded. That's the issue at hand. We don't need to build some hate-storm towards any individual who doesn't do exactly as we believe.

    It's not corporate responsibility to be politically correct. If you need a law for that, make it a debate for a law, but it would be a joke.

    I guess the idea that there are mags who refuse to portray naked males must blow the mind of some people.
    Gaming is not a political arena. I am sick of that internet-rage BS that lasts 25 seconds total.

    There is a proactive way to get your goals through. If girls want to run in competitions, they have it harder? Well spending all your life on complaining about imperfections won't get you out of the door and into the action. It's not and I was tempted to caps that, worth it to shut down a running competition, because 1 or 2 girls might not be allowed the chance to compete every 4 to 5 years.
    If you don't like that idea, just skip any tournament that does it. It's not a big deal.

    (How can I phrase the core of my point, that in the way I did above might offend people, in a way that is more slimy, less authentic and less "attackable":
    The web is a public square. We need to stop putting up pillories and display and we don't need public stoning. It doesn't go anywhere. Machism in esport won't go away. Female F1 drivers made a combined total of 0,5 world championship points in the history of the sport. No one is going to shut it down because it's "exclusive". People who look to celebrities don't do that, because they are like them, but because they are different. That ought to explain why the whole discrimination part is moot. It's the whole point of the endeavor. You are not taking a "precious right", by separating sports in genders. Sport is just a form of clownmanship. If you raise the money, you can make your own silly show. That's plenty enough equality right there, for anyone to use that cares longer for the topic than the 25 secs. (Even though I wanted to be reconciling in the second rant, I ended up saying the same thing again. I don't "believe it with the fibre of my heart" so to speak and I am sorry for every person who lost out on a big chance in life because of not being allowed into some HS competition. I know girls have it hard enough. I am not a mass media person. I don't feel guilty how it treats woman and I don't much care for the political scope of that fact. I know it will never be fair. It to a big part feeds on that fact. I can't even relate to and emphasize the naivete that it could anymore... That's why I botched my second attempt.))
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey View Post
    So..whats the point? Doesn't all sports have different leagues for men and women? and don't most E-sport competitions host male only events? (there are some for women)

    EDIT: You don't even post your opinion. You just copy paste the news article.
    but sports are sports and e sports aren't sports. the same way rap battles and pumpkin carving contests aren't sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katagiri View Post
    Guys hate when girls win.
    You can beat me anytime. I don't mind.

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    I can see why there are separation of gender for more physically intense sports such as football, basketball, track&field. But an e-sports? That's absurd. E-sport is more similar to chess than the physically intense sports and yet women are allowed to participate in the World Chess Tournament. E.g.) Judit Polgar.

    Oh and equestrianism. That's a co-ed competitive sport as well.

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    I don't mind when there are personal, less popular tournaments for a specific gender, but not when it comes to big tournaments that represent the state/country/world. I also wouldn't mind if IeSF hosted a temporary separate tournament for women, and also simultaneously allowed men and women into the main tournament for all games.

    I only suggest to have two tournaments because I do feel a separate tournament would encourage, convince, and inspire women to get involved with the e-sports scene. As of right now, entering e-sports tournaments is intimidating for women in various ways. There are many negative stereotypes about women and they're constantly harassed. Women tend to feel more comfortable and confident during all-women events and tournaments.

    Men wouldn't need a separate tournament because e-sports is already dominated by men. They have less discrimination and require less encouragement and convincing to participate.
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