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Thread: this is now a poetry thread.

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    Default this is now a poetry thread.

    Quoting something so I can have it later if I need it for something...never mind me.

    "And so it begins.
    Dark clouds gather.
    The skies rumble threateningly.
    Followed by an unnatural calm.
    But then, the calm vanishes.
    ... and lightening strikes.

    The storm has broken -
    - it's wrath unleashed.
    And each of us
    Must face it's torrential rage
    In his own way.

    Coldly analytical and deliberate,
    Militantly disciplined and precise,
    Absurdly unorthodox and carefree,
    Wretchedly Misguided and vengeful,
    And with the bittersweet experience of centuries.

    I have defeated old Hob before.
    Then, as now, the battle was fierce.
    But what once was solely a fight for survival...
    Has become very personal.

    Eventually the tempest subsides
    And what began with a ferocious roar
    Ends in uncertain silence.

    We have not forgotten.

    It is simply the calm before the next storm."

    -Master Splinter
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