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Thread: Stunlock studios games have such good control schemes

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    Default Stunlock studios games have such good control schemes

    I recently got invited into the Dead Island: Epidemic closed beta and the game reminded me of why I was so addicted to Bloodline Champions for so long. The control scheme in these games are so fluid!

    Incase you guys haven't played BLC or D.I.E., these games have an isometric view, similar to LoL and Diablo, but instead of click to move, it utilizes WASD movement like in a 3rd person game. Isometric view with WASD movement is my second favorite format after third person. The reason I couldn't get deep into LoL is because I found the click-to-move to be very cumbersome. In order to play LoL at a high lvl you have to spam click. ( I play Smite)

    I wish stunlock studios would make a true tower defense moba using their signature control scheme. Dead Island: Epidemic's format is okay, but capture the point style games have limited potential compared to tower defense. That being said DIE does throw in quite a few wildcards to keep the game mode complex.

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    Haven't played BLC in years. I just noticed they have a pack that unlocks almost all the bloodlines, I might just get that. But yeah, I agree, WASD controls usually feel better. I prefer games that are completely mouse-free though, you know, those that use the arrow keys for movement.

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