Ahoy, Captains,
As we watch the sun setting in the horizon, we bring you sad news. On 6th August 2014, all captains in Navy Field 2 will drop their anchors for the last time, as we discontinue the service.

On 18th April 2013, the vast oceans welcomed the bustling fleets who set sail in the Open Beta of Navy Field 2. It was followed by just over a year of turbulent waters that tested and shaped our brave and loyal captains. Aye, captains who kept their spirits high, even in the eye of a storm that would not pass.

Because we are unable to provide captains with the best Navy Field 2 experience possible at this point in time, we have decided to head toward dry land, and dock the ships for now.
For you, great captains, we plan to conduct a certain compensation of Nexon Cash (NX) for already purchased content. Also, within the next two weeks, the Item Shop will close. Details will follow in a future announcement.

Currently, we do not have any answers regarding the future of Navy Field 2 after the service ends on 6th August 2014, but be sure to stay up-to-date with the Nexon Europe portal and Facebook page, as any future news will be posted there. Also, you can activate the newsletter in your Nexon Europe account settings to ensure you receive news and updates in your email inbox.
We have great respect for you, captains, and we hope to see you around Nexon Europeís other games. They will be honoured to have you.

Fair winds and following seas,
NF2 Crew