what is yr handedness

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  • i r right handed

    12 52.17%
  • i r left handed

    6 26.09%
  • i r ambidextrous

    5 21.74%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loric View Post
    swagger is timeless
    swagger is dead >.<
    You hate me? No worries death to all my enemies forgiveness is over. If you hate me so bad come to my house and we can settle it like men. Am i claiming to be a fighter? Nope but im sick of your shit. You bring your boys ill bring mine i can guarantee some one gonna leave in a body bag. Ill shove this pitch fork up ya ass and have you begging for mercy and none will come. As i roast you over the fire laughing at your burning flesh. Im sick of your shit and your threats lets settle this like men

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    I voted ambidex but I write with my left. Dexterity with left, strength with right.

    whack it left, before ya ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSkald View Post
    yeah if i were to jump and land on one foot it would totes be my left.
    u jump off yr left and land on yr left?

    that's just inefficient

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loric View Post
    I'm right handed and I used to jump off my right leg. I broke my right leg though, and I swapped to doing all my jumping/landing/ass-kicking with my left leg.
    yeah well u broke my ****ing heart too

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