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Thread: Graal Online Corrupted Staff xD

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    Default Graal Online Corrupted Staff xD

    Unixmad - Stephen Portha messages are highlighted in red, some staffs are so corrupt, i mean much was expected from a playerbase staff and not a professional one found this on tumblr so i wanted to share

    Graal Online administration will steal your time and money.

    Originally sent to Graal Online’s entire global administration team, in response to them fraudulently banning a newly-purchased account without explanation, after days of ignored emails:

    I see that you’re going to avoid this issue. That’s fine. You’ve managed to prove your point that, with no one caring enough to oversee your actions, you’re able to manipulate and pick what players are able to play this (subscription-model) game and and what players are not. This has been going on in particular for the past five or so years and I’ve grown tired of trying to reasonably resolve issues and with unresponsive, irrational administrative staff. The great majority of Graal Online administration (excluding very, very few) are unable to maturely and professionally solve in-game problems between players and staff. When you are charging players a subscription-based fee to play your game, this is a responsibility. You have avoided that responsibility, and I am going to make sure that many people know about it.

    Don’t worry anymore about unbanning any of my accounts. However, actions need to be taken in respect to PayPal disputes PP-001-583-987-717 and PP-001-582-433-342.

    I’ve earlier been in contact with a few others who have experienced this same staff bias and favoritism and we’re beginning to put things together. I purchased several domain names (,, etc.) last night and I’ll spend my free time in this next week developing the websites, writing content, and optimizing them for search engines. I’ve also took the initiative to register with Ripoff Report and other consumer complaint directories, as they’ll take an immediate seeding in Google’s SERP.

    I’ll make sure to share my own recent personal experiences, the way I’ve been told by particular globals that unbans can be “bribed” out of Stefan by offering to reupgrade, past staff fallouts and distatefulness (Nemesis and Knightress, etc.), and proof of how careless Graal is when it comes to securing sensitive user data.

    I expect the PayPal disputes to be resolved before the end of this week.

    As you’re seeing now, I’ve followed through with that promise. A little over 24 hours later, I received a response from Stefan Knorr:

    I haven’t got time yet to check this problems, will do soon.

    Two full days later, I received the following email from Stephané Portha (Please note that I have fixed certain grammatical errors in the following email replies, only enough so that you can have a general understanding of what is trying to be expressed in comprehensible English.):

    Dear Mister,

    I am the manager of Graal and I don’t like what I read. If I understand well you are threatening us to get what you want.

    So I will ask everyone in the team to stop speaking with you and I will personally take care of this.

    I have just contacted our attorney and we are prepared to go on court against you if you don’t stop. You will never get anything from us this way just problems. Graalonline is trademarked in all countries and using our name like that is completely illegal.

    So I give you 3 days to delete all these web site and web pages before we do more.

    To which, within just two hours, I replied:

    I appreciate your response, however I’d like to request that you put a little more consideration towards this issue. There should not be a 48-hour gap between emails. This is a time-sensitive situation that I’d like to have handled as quickly as possible. You’re very likely to be just as busy as I am, but the lapse between emails speaks to me in saying that you aren’t taking this matter very seriously.

    Furthermore, I’d like to note that any further threat of legal action will be taken very seriously and will require the involvement of an attorney from my side. If the initial threat was your attempt at shaking or intimidating me into allowing you to steal money from my pocket with no resistance, then I’m respectfully asking you to stop immediately.

    I think you may have misunderstood one of my past emails. A threat was never made with intent to “get what I want.” In the past week, Graal Online administration (or Tigairius, in specific) globally banned two of my accounts without warning. One of these accounts was only upgraded less than a week before the ban. When asked about the bans, I was mostly ignored. I was then told it had to due with “sexual harassment.” This is false. Following these bans, I was locally computer ID banned on Unholy Nation for “evading a global ban,” as someone was misinformed and told that I was globally IP banned.

    Tigairius then proceeded to ignore any further emails from me (all of which I had put very much effort into towards being helpful) and other local server staff. His next response was to inform me that “the ban was justified” and that he would be permanently banning the rest of my accounts. When asked for how he came to this conclusion and why this was happening, he chose to ignore my emails.

    I have nearly 15 accounts in total, all of which I’ve paid for. I’ve played Graal Online since late 1999 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and want nothing but the best for the future of the game. However, I won’t tolerate mistreatment like this. The way these issues are being handled is borderline fraudulent.

    Less than a month before this issue came up, I spoke with Bell (another global administrator). Bell has been incredibly helpful and is the one member of in-game administration who has an unbiased outlook on handling the relations with players. She would also never pull something like this, in attempts to steal money, effort, and time from a loyal and paying cust****.

    However, when asked about contacting Graal Online administration in regards to global unbans, she stated the following:

    "You might offer to reupgrade. Sometimes that helps. If you can afford it that is."

    I am not going to allow Graal Online to use the social nature of their game as an excuse to justify the bans of paying cust****s, only to turn around and ask for more money to lift the ban. I know several other players who have experienced similar issues, and I will help them share their stories if necessary.

    I’ve paid for your game. I’ve paid for many, many accounts and would continue to do so in the future. I’ve played Graal for more than 10 years. At age 22, I’m not going to allow someone to take my money, fail on properly delivering what I purchased, and then request that I reupgrade again just to get what I originally purchased. This is what is occurring right now, and if the issue isn’t resolved then I’ll definitely share my experiences on several scam and complaint websites. I will also share these experiences on my own domains, which I will optimize for adequate search exposure.

    That is not a threat. That is expressing that if you do not put a stop to the unfair treatment of players, then I will make sure that people know about it. That is more narrowly saying that if you do not deliver what I have purchased, I will publicly complain about it. I am not asking for “what I want,” I am asking for what I purchased.

    You’ve probably read these emails in the wrong context because I am doing nothing differently from what you’ve just managed to do in your last email: I am politely requesting that you resolve the problems that are unjustly keeping me from what I paid for, or I will share the poor experience with the public. You are requesting for me to not do that, or you will “go to court against me.” Looking at it from this perspective, I’m sure that you can see how your side of the issue looks more clearly to be a threat (although frankly I’m looking at it as a scare tactic and/or blackmail as it stands).

    Now regarding your threats of litigation, I understand that Graal Online and Cyberjoueurs both come out of France. I’d like to reference you to an amendment of the US Constitution:

    The .com TLD is a TLD under US jurisdiction. The host whose nameservers that the domain names are currently pointing to is also based in the United States.

    Here are a few links that you may be interested in, with respect to making opinionated domain names and infringing upon trademarks:
    I’m well-educated when it comes to issues involving the UDRP and ICANN. I’ve been involved in domain-related litigation before. Here are a few more relevant links that may interest you, if you have the time:
    I’ve registered two Graal-related domain names that I intend to share these experiences on. In registering both, I was very careful to stay within bounds. Both websites will contain opinion material, screenshots, and further proof of what is being alleged. Neither site will generate any sort of revenue. I’m simply interested in informing people of what is happening should these issues not be handled maturely. I realize that I am a “little guy” to Cyberjoueurs and Graal Online, but I won’t be stepped on. I’ve poured more than $300 into the game, and I continue to support its development.

    In three days, neither the domain names or any of the content that exists at the domain names will be removed. I have no problem with removing the content in the event that the problems I am addressing are solved.

    I’m aware of some of your doings behind the scenes. I am aware that Tigairius essentially bribed another player out of forfeiting the graalhack.comdomain name in return for an unban and a state of amnesty. Is it because that particular player was not intimidating by your legal threats? Stealing from me and then threatening me is not something that is going to sit well.

    After opening a dispute with PayPal, I’ve also noticed that you guys have banned one of my accounts for “payment fraud.” I’ve taken a screenshot of this spiteful behavior, and will share it if necessary. I’m probably a top ten paying cust**** with you guys and that treatment is just distasteful.

    I’ve also noticed no disclaimer of confidentiality in your signature, or any of the signatures involved in this email thread. Should I choose to, I will share these emails and/or screenshots of these emails on these websites to further prove how you treat paying cust****s. To clarify for you, that is not a threat.

    In case one of my prior emails was never able to reach you, here are the wrongdoings that I am speaking out against:

    1.The banning of accounts Enguard and Cadeus, both for an alleged “sexual harassment” that was never proven and never occurred
    2.An accompanying computer ID (6664489) ban from Unholy Nation, administered by staff members who were misinformed and told that I was globally IP banned
    3.Following bans on the rest of accounts that I have paid for and done nothing wrong on:
    Ramza Knightmare
    Fung Si Yan
    Should these matters be addressed and fixed then I would gladly remove the nameservers from the registered domain names. I have yet to submit any complaints to scam-related websites, so I wouldn’t need to remove any of that content. I would also be willing to close the PayPal disputes, although I’d like to be informed as to why one of my accounts was banned for “payment fraud.”

    I’ve expressed that I am willing to cooperate in every way possible. I am not willing to cooperate and make any compromise with any attempts to steal my money and then deny me access to what I’ve paid for. I would also like to request the contact information (preferably email and phone number) of any US-representing attorneys of Cyberjoueurs/Graal Online so that I can have them on file in the event that I’ll need to involve an attorney. I have no intentions of throwing legal threats in your direction (as you’ve done to me), but I am completely prepared to defend myself.

    The PayPal disputes are still open. One has been escalated to a claim, and the other remains open as I reach out for an explanation from you. PayPal typically sides in favor of the buyer in situations like this, especially in an event like this one.

    I hope that your next reply is a little quicker than the last and that you are able to work out the problems addressed in this email. Again, I do not mean to approach you with hostility. I am not threatening you. I am asking you to resolve the problems that your staff have caused. Please unban my wrongly-banned accounts so that I can continue to fairly enjoy and contribute to Graal Online.

    Fourteen hours ago (over a day later), I received his reply:

    I see that the domains are still up and running, so you have chosen the hard way.

    We will not go court in France but in Canada. Graalonline trademark and business is worldwide.

    You will soon have opportunities to use your legal skills to defend your case on Court, prepare a few thousands USD to pay Court costs and a few hundred of thousand when the court will order against you.

    Good luck.

    To which I gave another quick reply:

    I’m 90% sure you that didn’t even think to read the last email I sent you. I’m especially confident when I consider that you didn’t answer any of the questions asked. Why Canada? Not that I’m taking your threats seriously, but I’m actually curious. Like I said, I plan to continue developing the domain names and detailing my opinions and experiences revolving around the game. The PayPal disputes are still open. Good luck.

    I’ll use this blog to keep you updated on the progress of this particular scenario and help share additional experiences.
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    You really shouldn't deal with third party games like this honestly, they're privately run and that opens the company up to whatever they wish to do without regulations, for all you know when you signed up and agreed to their T.O.S there could have been a hidden stipulation.

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    Best of luck pounding these idiots into the ground, hopefully you come out on top, that kind of behavior is in no way acceptable. Honestly i'd had no idea Graal was still going, i'd always thought that game was kind of a crapshoot :/

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    If those were really the responses of the developers or whatever guy that responded it clearly shows he's talking to a child. Other than that he himself made the mistake by linking wikipedia. In any case. They wouldn't win the lawsuit, but the guy himself wouldn't earn anything himself, so I'm hoping on some nice footage if it happens :3

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    Speaking of Graal Online I received an email this morning

    "hey chaos can you help me out‏"

    i wanted to ask if would you mind searching for the graal account you created a long time ago? the website is if you don't remember, click members, lost password then type in a email you probably used years ago to sign up for this game i dont think you can't really find multple accounts at once but if you have any time please help me, if by any chance could you let me use it?

    i was surfing about graal and found out new accounts have this Graal696969 as your community name so even if you suscribed you're known as graal696969 when you're offline... i also heard accounts from several years ago about 6-7 years ago have a chance to name your account and you're not known as a graal number.

    im hoping the old graal account isn't linked with the email you still use as i would like to reset my password every 3 months.  i hope you could help me with this as i dont want to play this dead game as a random account number if you know what i mean crossing my fingers (found your mail from while searching for graal sorry if i annoyed you but please help me with this please with a cherry on top~!)

    sorry if it was a bit long, im desperate.. thank you so much. ps. this is not an ad or an automated message, i just want to play some dead game on a account thats able to be renamed and not known as a random number, it's a small game but i really like it so im searching for anyone who have them, im sure not many will reply to my email which makes me hopeless but maybe after 1000 tries one will reply.. :'("

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    I’ve poured more than $300 into the game, and I continue to support its development.
    If you know the game at all, no matter how much money you put into it, you're not supporting its development, just giving it to stephan/unixmad.

    I didn't read the entire post at length in order, but if anyone's worried about bans, try repealing, but just accept it if they won't unban you. On iclassic RC I literally see ~2 reports a second.

    As for money issues, yea, your only hope is stephan/unixmad, but I'm fairly sure unixmad is the one that deals primarily with the finances and portha is the programmer.

    On the whole revenge thing/calling them out. There's not really a point. Apart from the mobile servers, it's a dying game, and to top it off, most of the players are children, who won't really care as long as they enjoy it.

    Would be interested in seeing who posted this, I might know them

    ~older graal player/admin
    working on it.... ^^

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    wow, im defaultaccount, who are you? and graal staff has always been corrupt. why do you expect people to read a whole wall of text, if they dont care about the topic. Everyone is corrupt on graal, so their would be corrupt staff. Same with politics. Why are you so sad about era staff. This will never changed. and noone can change it. its the way it should be. whats wrong with you anyways? :eagle:

    not spam dont delete. isnt it sad that noone cares about corrupt staff?

    Wtf ARE YOU SAYING? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? UR MONEY DONT MAEN ANYTHING

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    can someone else post please?

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh no double post everyone flame:Loric:

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