Why are views on sex between Europe and U.S. so different

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    Quote Originally Posted by postrook View Post
    how i understand it was the initial colonies were mostly established by religious extremists called puritans who left because of religion, and then the british capitalised on it by giving criminals the choice between punishment at home or exile and indentured servitude in the colonies.
    England went through a set of civil wars over reformations and counter reformations. The coice always was baptism, death or leaving the country. I don't think every Puritan saw their group as exiles; but they did not actually "profit" by leaving, they where fleeing the country.

    When they found out that the US wasn't half bad, I suppose many also followed some form of hope. However to me looking at it from the outside, they wheren't fanatics and fundamentalists, compared to the public, who was on the brink of just slaughtering them, because they had minimally diffrent views.

    Wikipedia says they where motivated by freedom to practise their religion. Well, that's a romantic way of putting that they wanted to escape discrimination, prosecution and possibly death.

    They wouldn't have gone to the US in the first place, where there one country left in all of Europe, that would have been ready to take them.

    (What I wanted to point out though, in my first post, is that we serve our kids black and white tales of a completely gray issue. Usually, those kind of history lessons are spiked with weird patriotic nonsense. Both ways of putting it, that I pointed out originally are completely silly to me. It's interesting, that globalisation gives us the chance to even find out about those things though.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1nGs3N4yuk1 View Post
    Why are views on sex so different in most of Europe than the U.S. From what I've heard, Europe is more relaxed and open to their sexuality. There are a lot more nude beaches, nude ads, lower age of consent for sex (as low as 13-14), better sex education, and I believe most parents are okay with their children having sex. Here in the U.S., we have a major obsession with sex yet almost everything sex related is taboo. Big obsession with boobs. Poorer sex education and a lot of parents seems to be against sex education. Pre-marital sex is a no-no to some parents here. I once witnessed an incident at the beach where a mom was breastfeeding her baby with a towel covered-up and security told her to cut it out due to public indecency which I think is ridiculous. There must be more differences that I'm missing...

    The root of the U.S. stems from Europe yet why are the views on sex so vastly different?
    Please note, the below is a mix of speculations, based on related observations:

    It is quite common that those who emigrate their own country and start a new life elsewhere bring along their habits. As they live in a strange and unfamiliar environment, these habits from back home become like a safe haven. In my country, this can be seen with many of the Turkish immigrants, who cling to the habits of the 60s "back home", while these habits have been replaced by new ones in Turkey itself. In fact, these immigrants are often more conservative than those "back home". (Of course, this is not with all immigrants, but several studies and expert articles agree on this, so I assume these experts know what they are talking about).

    Now, those who went to the US to start a new life in the "New World" were often coming from places where they were prosecuted. Religion was a major drive into the emigration, as many of the first wave immigrants felt they could not stand for their believe in their country of origin, but expected to be able to do this in the US. So these are people who were "outsiders" already back home. And they too came in a unknown, and actually hostile (indians, bears, all sort of troubles) environment. This increased the need to keep the "groupfeeling" at a high level, so they had an incentive to put even more emphasis on their habits and rituals.

    The attitude towards sexuality may be one of the things they brought along from back home as one of the "traditions" they cherished as part of their identity.

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    Ronin beat me to it. The Founding Fathers were amazingly secular for their time period.

    As for the OP, it boggles my mind how taboo sex is in America, but I can watch someone execute someone else on prime time base television on most any given night of the week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DizzyPW View Post
    As for the OP, it boggles my mind how taboo sex is in America, but I can watch someone execute someone else on prime time base television on most any given night of the week.
    The world's kinda been that way for a while now. Back in the day public executions were an evening of fun for the whole family, but meanwhile you could get arrested for showing too much ankle.

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    First thing that needs to be said is that many European countries are just as "prudish" when it comes to sex as the states.
    My impression is that this "prudishness"(really, for the lack of a better term) really is tightly connected to Religious sexual morals.

    In the states I think it's more complex though. On one side you have the tight and pervasive Christian morals, and on the other hand, the culture that usually fights the religious right on sexual issues(namely the liberal secularists) in European countries, has been co-opted by sex-negative radical feminists who are equally ill-equipped to actual handle matters of sexuality.
    U.S is trapped between two equally messed up views.
    One labels pretty much all sexuality as bad except missionary in dark rooms after marriage, and the other labels everything that involves a penis as bad (unless that penis belongs to a transsexual whom therefore can have sex without being labeled as a rapist by default for having too much privilege which would undermine a partners ability to give meaningful consent. No seriously, that's an actual argument.).

    What always fascinated me about the states, is how much people fear sex, yet how oblivious they are to violence.
    Movie with a guy that massacres hundreds of people gets a teen rating. Show one boob, and it gets an adult rating. Clearly someone thought that through.

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