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Thread: is it worth buying dvd/blu ray?

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    Default is it worth buying dvd/blu ray?

    You dudes all know I collect stuff. Well, the other day I found a huge stack of dvd for ten cents each. I regularly see them for a buck or fifty cents and don't even look, but I noticed a ton of my favorite movies in the stack (jay and silent bob, American history x, shawshank, big lebowski, reservoir dogs, etc) and ended up grabbing them.

    It got me I wanna own my favorite movies on a physical disc? With the games, the quirks or playing on original hardware is a part of the appeal. VHS lacks the charm. It's silly for me to collect VHS. They're too vulnerable. But discs, discs last a long time and don't get occasionally eaten by the player.

    Blue ray plays dvd, and I don't see movies switching to all digital for a long time yet.

    Idk I made this thread and babbled and circled the drain. Idk where I'm going with this. I guess tldr do you think discs will last another 10 years? And would you personally buy movies for $1 each?

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    No it's really not worth buying. Honestly even DVD and bluray players nowadays are being equipped with Netflix and hulu.

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    My wife and I have about 800 dvd/blu rays. We never watch them. So, it's a fairly pointless collection with no cash value.

    I really want to sell them for $1-2 each at a local market while people still actually buy them but she won't let me.
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