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Thread: There is no shame in this F2P market - Cheapness sells and everyone is buying it.

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    Default There is no shame in this F2P market - Cheapness sells and everyone is buying it.

    Edit: Will re-edit later.

    In response to numerous mainstream journos and the lack of critique I am forwarding my own thesis on this matter.

    The conclusion of the conclusions is this,

    I am calling most F2P advocates as hypocrites and cheap ass gamers that pay for low quality MMOs or don't pay at all and then feel entitled about the "current state of MMOs".
    Now let us move on,

    Can you stop being cheap?

    Societies deserve to have what they have - you deserve the police you have, you deserve the government you have, you deserve the politicians you have. Same thing with games.

    Let us now have a closer look at the F2P market since it is the dominant force right now. The F2P supporters have always claimed that most people that play F2P are unemployed or low on income. That has been their thesis since the first day to draw more crowd away from the subscription model. "10-15 dollars a month is too much and most people given these circumstances cannot afford it", "You don't have to pay 10-15 dollars per month anymore to access the full game", "Forget subscription. It is dead" were positions widely accepted and commonly shared.

    Considering how attractive and profitable the F2P model has become, if their positions were true or bared any truth that mean that since most are not unable to pay a sub on that amount then that meant most would not be able to pay any money on a F2P MMO. If we follow now the chain on this logic and translate it to numbers and thus percentages, it would mean that a 10% percent of the market, the "whale culture" as the industry calls them, would be enough to fund each F2P MMO.

    However that whale culture would have to spend enough to cover monthly costs (all employees wages and payrolls, maintenance, technicians, customer support assistant, developers, servers, ect) which is not true. And it is not true because we do already know that every 1 out of 2 players gives a X amount of dollars per month and interesting enough (who would have thought eh?) that same player will definitely spend more money on a F2P game yearly than he would have spend on a subscription MMO.

    It is also a given fact that mainly in Europe and NA, F2P MMOrpgs have got extremely low population. "Dead servers", "Ghost towns", "Full of hackers, bots and goldsellers" is indeed not only a very common perception but it has started to become an expectation of the free-to-play industry. Regardless of that and taken into account the revenues of the F2P sphere of influence, it is a logical fallacy to believe that a few "whales" in all F2P MMOrpgs are not only millionaires and billionaires but the primarily force for covering every single's F2P MMOrpg daily, monthly and yearly costs and hence the multi-million/billion empire.

    As far as the demographics of this F2P playerbase, the information is simple and clear; the majority is not unemployed or on low income; the majority or alternatively "casuals" are usually family-oriented or workaholic individuals who do not have enough time to invest on a hardcore content driver MMO, and prefer to spend a few hours here and there on a standard F2P game.

    In addition, I personally do not know millions or billions of unemployed or low-on-income players who can afford to maintain a medium-gaming ring including hidden costs (electricity, ect) but not afford a 10-15 payment per month on a sub-MMO.

    So who the hell is this apparent vocal minority of not being able to afford a monthly sub?

    They are freeriders and freeloaders, the jumping-wagon crowd that jumps from one MMO to another MMO within the first month hence the massive exodus that is apparent these days; they are the so called "jumpers". As it stands, this vocal minority is nothing more than a plague of constant leeches who expect others to sacrifice their own income so they can play anything for free without ever giving a dime back. Until they leave and go to the next F2P game and repeat.

    More than usual you find this very verbal and vocal minority when a large amount legitimate paying customers or MMO veterans complain about the design of an apparently "Free to play" model which is 9 out of 10 not free, and more specifically freemium or Pay to win in hardcore gamers term. What is an irony though, is that these non-paying gamers always make an effort to stigmatize the paying gamers are "gamers that do not want to pay anything and expect everything for free and expect Developers to work for free".

    Next time you meet them ask them this question - "Why don't you start paying that much for once and support your beloved Developer that works extremely hard as well as its staff?" Since their position is that games are not free, then they should start putting money where their mouth is and in fact be the first ones to do so.

    F2P culture apart from the evidently ridiculous community of rude kids, full-mouth brats and teenagers, it has got also negative side effects to the MMO scene as a whole. And here I explain it clearly,

    Calling ALL Developers - Your games are Sub-par

    I have been playing MMOrpgs for 17 years now. I have invested in many time, effort, money, endless grind, top PVP or PVE player, hardcore or casual, Subscription/F2P/Freemium/B2P and you name it. I am a complete veteran of this genre.

    This year and the previous one has been the worst year for this genre. Definitely the worse because instead of having MMOs trying to compete with the big players on the market such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy: A realm reborn, WildStar, Destiny, Blade & Soul, Phantasy Star Online 2 and Star Citizen and Kingdom Under Fire II we have games trying to compete with who is the more niche and how fast they can gain revenue by exploiting that niche market.

    Let us have a look - Age of Wushu, Archlord 2, C9, Dragon Nest , Guild Wars 2, Firefall, Lord of the Rings, NeverWinter, Rift, Star Wars: The old republic, Swordsman Online, Tera Rising, The Secret World, Warframe and the list never drops. In fact, there are tons of F2P MMOrpgs and the problem is not that F2P exists as a business model, an alternative one to a subscription but the culture itself.

    Cheap or Free does not guarantee quality. Anything good needs cash or some type of a strong long run investment. Period.

    We all knew what would happen when Free 2 Play came around and mostly MMOers from the new age, were so passionate about the idea of FREE as if it meant FREEDOM and the whole mainstream press was embracing something in the same lines. What is ironical though is that the same press and new MMoers alike are steadily reaching the same conclusion - they are all reaching the same wall that old MMOers reached when the MMO market was stuck in the World of Warcraft era.

    "We are bored. We need more. We want more".

    And the consequences?

    Reverse engineering - Instead of progressing forward to a more complete and unified MMOrpg genre it has dissected that genre into snacks and bites with incomplete PVE & PVP and hidden content through paywalls and paypals. Every single Free 2 Play MMOrpg right now is incomplete and lacks usually basic tools such as a good group finder. Progression has been backwards and that is exactly why we have got so many with disgusting graphics, generic character customization, unpolished combat and animations and bad level designs and environments. In all fronts, from story to gameplay, the F2P market will make sure that there is always going to be a core expectation missing in order to build up hype for the next generation of gamers.

    Short life span - In every crisis or stale period, there are opportunities that whoever is the fastest and the smarter hits gold. Some MMOrpgs are good at doing that - filling up a hole through that particular period of stagnation; by taking advantage of the thirst of a niche MMO crowd such as the Lineage crowd with ArcheAge. Companies right now will not allow for complete MMOs to appear because there is no need to because the market is not at a good state nor competitive and there are way too many gaps.

    Pipe dream – Option is good but it is not always good; when the minority dominates the majority that is unhealthy by default. Once one good subscription MMOrpg fulfils the gap in the market, the rest will get wiped, studios will close downs, jobs will be lost and so on and so forth. And there are two huge gaps - making a more refined MMOrpg of the past and making a more refined MMOrpg of that specific theme. If right now someone released the closest thing to a Skyrim multiplayer, ESO Online would go bankrupt.

    Hideous purpose – F2P is all about money. Not just about money or some money. And the evidence comes from the very nature of the model ; you are just a free to play player from them; someone that plays their game for free; they do not have to listen to you, take your constructive criticism seriously; you have no authority or influence whatsoever; you are not entitled to anything. Pay2Win elements are often and if you dare to raise a voice you should not because you are not entitled to since you don’t pay money to the game. Hence you should be thankful to the “whales” to spend allot of money so you can play still play that game and still play it for free. And most importantly, regardless of how much money they make, they will never rival with the quality of a sub-based MMOrpg and it is pretty self-explanatory on why that is happening.

    No expectations – That is right. Since you do not pay for anything you cannot expect anything. Standards can be as low as possible, the game can be as average as possible, customer service can be as non-existent as possible, floods of bots, goldsellers, spammers and hackers can be as big as possible, technical mess with high lag and spikes can be as often as possible and servers can be as ghost towns as possible. As long as the “whales” spend more money, have a reason to, everything else is irrelevant.

    Forceful Adaptation – When you have no options because there is a lack of competition, you are forced to adapt. If you think Star Wars is the worst Star Wars, you will still play it because there is no other Star Wars to play. That creates a culture of taking breaks and painfully playing an MMO for the sake of being an MMO or due to boredom.

    This has been one of the most ludicrous (for the business), subpar (for the genre) and ridiculous state of gaming where manipulative products of P2W dominate. This is like Steam flooded with indie games to justify that PC gaming is doing good and it still has the most exclusive titles when in reality most of them are byproducts of easy, cheap and intentionally lazy development. And in that respect, MMOs have become moneycash grabbing scheme like a bad Kickstarter project.

    They will never attract millions of players because they don't deserve to attract millions of players. They are not that good and they do not want to be that good either. The intention of F2P MMOrpgs is not to make a great and complete MMOrpg experience but to cater to a niche and identify the whales which in turns become a money-grabbing marathon. That is why there is no loyalty from the playerbase. That is why they are not sub-based because they can never have many subs. There not again not that good and they can flood the market just like that.

    We need competition because competition drives quality.

    That is my argument and right now quality is secondary. Without competition, there are no standards, everything goes, there are no expectations. The culture behind F2P is a backward step.
    Short version - If you do not support models of business that respect customers and give you full access of the game, you know FULL game, instead of hiding it behind paypals and paywalls; unlike great business models such as the one in League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 or any other MMO where cash shop only sells cosmetics, stop *****ing and moaning about the state of MMOs because you are the exact reason about that state.

    No one else apart from you is responsible for this sub-par quantity and quality.

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    ppl cannot fight corporations or goverment. both hawe way to much power and money. and most games, if they are not making money, the just close down, not reduce prices. although idiots that pays tons of money to them doesnt help

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    Games have to make money. To compare the average mmo to juggernauts like League of Legends(which can do whatever it wants these days simply because of the sheer volume of players) or buy-to-play, AAA sequels like Guild Wars 2 is counter-intuitive to your argument.

    I find that most people who weigh in on F2P this heavily, don't actually play F2P games. They read stories or gather feedback from like-minded persons and form conclusions without ever logging in and playing said game for even a week. Dropping around 20-50 bucks in most F2P games (the standard price for a b2p) is enough to get all of the essentials like inventory space, etc. that would allow me to play the game forever. To expect to enjoy and be successful throughout an entire game while paying absolutely nothing is ridiculous.

    What it all comes down to is this. Good games will succeed. Bad games will not. Regardless of payment model. Getting stuck with a terrible publisher is another story though.
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    But I don't want choice!

    Well, in that case you are an idiot.

    Bottom line:
    Team fortress 2 is not suddenly a bad shooter, just because it's not for sale.
    Being F2P or not doesn't have much to do with the quality of the game.

    Games are like movies; There is only one Apocalypse Now and there is only one Dark Souls, or one Deus Ex (and I am not talking modern here). I can tell you though, there are people who find The Bridge on the River Kwai boring. I could rewatch Black Hawk down 100s of times. Most people would think that's close to torture. The thing with MMOs is, you don't just need to be a blockbuster. You need to be good enough for people to play for 3 years or something.

    Everyone's issue is that they only have one favorite movie. Guess what; Some people enjoy movies with a plot and others just want Michael Bay. Yes you have to wait some years until a movie comes along that replaces your favorite as your new favorite. That's only you though.
    Telling everyone to stop making movies, because not every one of them immediately is your new "I am going to watch this every weekend for the next 3 years" choice, is kinda dumb. There are thousands of them being made and yes, they aren't worth watching, but still each one of them is liked by someone out there (and if it's only the directors mum).
    Movies aren't made with the idea of "this is going to be the best movie ever in history". That's a good thing. This is why indies are often so good, both for movies and for games. There are also really unique F2P games. You just need to find out what you like, not complain about the choices you have.
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    Stay frosty.

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    this post is so trolly i don't even know what to say. games are like with everything in life - if there is a market people will start a game/business - some will be better than others.

    do you really expect people to stop eating at mcdonalds when they realize that going to a fine dining restaurant has better quality food?

    some people won't admit it but mcdonalds is stupidly delicious in some situations

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    Hey look its the guy from Reddit and that really hates Archeage

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    ................ Way too much assumption in your 'thesis'.
    It's WNxPyrZern. Pleased to meet you.
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    Blaming consumers is counter-productive and not at all the true issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0Authority View Post
    Societies deserve to have what they have - you deserve the police you have, you deserve the government you have, you deserve the politicians you have. Same thing with games.

    Stopped reading there because if you believe this then I don't want to become enraged at how inaccurate that wall of text is.

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    I didn't read this, but I'm assuming it's something along the lines of, "Vote with your wallet."
    "....However, as with all things, you will encounter the odd retard and or asshole."
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