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Thread: Cockulus Rift: The Skea for men!

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    Default Cockulus Rift: The Skea for men!

    You probably heard of the innovating game controller the SKEA (Smart Kegel Exercise Aid). If you haven't, it's the game controller that women can control with their vagina!

    About Cockulus Rift:
    As innovative as it may sound, it would single us men out. Me and my highly capable crew of developers and inventors have now come up with something for males! We call it: The Cockulus Rift. the Cockulus Rift will turn men into giant studmuffins by training their midsection in a fun and hectic way by making use of games. Many do not know how unhealthy it is to ignore that section of the body, just like it is to skip leg day. By training that part of your body you will not only have a better balance, increased stamina and less stress, after the intense work out you will also have a feeling of satisfaction! This device will also help you hold a erection for a much longer period of time.

    It was a hectic time deciding on a design for the controller. the idea was to strenghten your middle section, without it becoming a chore . In the beginning we didn't even know what we would use, but we decided to use the penis as the controller. Now the design had to be something that couldn't be painful or extremely heavy. So in the end the design resembled a flash light. We do have a few prototypes laying around, but as it could look indecent here's a image of what it resembles:

    Now the most important part and the selling point of the Cockulus Rift will be the games. As the controller will be limited in controls, the games still needed to be fun and interesting. So in terms of games you'll mostly see platformers, race games and flight simulations. We believe these games will make people want your product and as grows more popular we'll be able to bring out even more genres.

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    i am offended

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    multiplayer will be awesome

    cockulus rift light saber duels

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    i guess someone could find this funny

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