Interested in Buying Final Fantasy XIV?

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    Wink Interested in Buying Final Fantasy XIV?

    As some of you may know that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is pretty successful MMORPG and it's actually growing. They are nearing their 1st year (post-2.0 switch over) this August and they are celebrating with the Recruit a Friend Campaign. Naturally as a returning player I'd like to exploit this Campaign and I'd like to share it's spoils, and much of my own, with someone who'd like to be my partner!

    Yes I'm looking for a buddy being it guy or gal to join me in this MMO. No need to be hardcore about it, but I really would like a friend I can talk to and re-discover this game with. There is a ton of new content and they keep on pumping more out, even PVP is quite fun too.

    That said I tend to play CST Times, I have no set hours and I tend to make up my own schedules. I tend to appear anywhere between 9am and 3am depending on my work loads and what I'm in the mood to do. I'd like to show someone the ropes, share some things, and just have some good fun. MMOs aren't very fun unless you have friends and I don't have any!

    Hit me up in a PM or even on Skype if you're curious: Skype: loltemperwolf

    Added Bonus: If you haven't bought the game yet I can tell you how you can save 20% off on the purchase.
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