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Thread: What parts of favorite games do you despise, or otherwise not enjoy?

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    For me, it's gotta be chapter 4 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. For those of you who haven't played it, basically:
    1. You're stuck in the area until you complete the Chapter after a certain point. Not bad on its own, but then you get to the next point.
    2. After said certain point, you're locked out from your party members until you beat the chapter. You get a new party member after you get back to town, but she only has one actual attack, and odds are, she won't be as good as your other upgraded party members. She ets better after you upgrade her, but you have to go back to the main town in order to do so, which, as mentioned earlier, you can't do.
    3. You have to go back and forth between and town and the mansion in the woods 3 TIMES. This is what makes the chapter so frustrating. It's not so bad during the first trip since you still have your party, but on the first return trip and all the trips after that, you gotta do it without your regular party. For one thing, it's a LONG walk. You don't even have Yoshi to help cover more ground. Second, the enemies (specifically the beetles) are annoying, so either have to avoid them or fight through them with either by yourself or with a weak party member.

    Possible runner ups for similarly annoying levels include the Sky Pillar from the G3 Pokemon games (I loath having to go through that again when Omega Ruby comes out), the Marsh Cave from FFI, any water level from the Sonic games, and the entire first part of SMTIV.

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    The final boss of Shadow of the Colossus. Battle is too long and if you fall down or die you have to start all over. Otherwise loved that game.

    My favorite game of all times is SaGaFrontier, but I hate the swamp section where every monster is a whole rank harder than usually and I really hate the battle against the ring lord who is invincible and you need to show him cool combos to impress him.

    Also those green MP sucking fields in the Shining in the Darkness. Sure it's quite exciting to actually dare walk on them to see if there is some interesting section behind, but they cause you to having to escape the dungeon frequently and walking back each time is not so fun.

    The encounter rate in Beyond the Beyond, especially in the bigger dungeons towards the end. And the hidden holes that cause you to having to walk the same path again a lot. I love everything else about that game.

    And as we are in an MMORPG forum, my favorite MMORPG of all times is Ragnarok Online pre-renewal, but I really hated Anubis who gives way too much Exp (and ruins partying) and the New World where all monsters can one-hit kill you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loric View Post
    Near the end of God of War 1, when you have to climb those big rotating spike pillars to get out of Hades. Almost broke my controller.
    I had totally forgotten about that part, now I remember. I don't want to remember though ;-;

    Also another one I remembered was the Fog of war chapter (6 I think?) in FE:Sacred stones. Over-all the easiest of the GBA FE games but god damn that level is a pain if your levels ups have been sub-par(or if you're half way through it and a 2% crit hits you)

    Also the forest planet in KotoR, I simply dislike it a lot =|

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    1: Any game with long, unskippable cutscenes.

    2: Rubberband AI in racing games

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