i've been away for quite sometime from onrpg and other forums. i'm done playing RO2 (since feb 2014) because dev basically killed the game's essence, which is raiding by making field items stronger than tier 4 raid (what are you thinking gravity?!) and found myself playing android games. being a long time RO fan, i figure i finally give RO:VU a decent try and it was REALLY HARD. any of you guys played this game? i tried following the quests and cleaning up quests per map but it ended up shoving me to mobs that are way too strong for me. even if i'm 2 levels higher than it. i have decent gear from event boxes but still the mobs are eating me alive. am i supposed to grind somewhere in between quests? i don't know.

since i pretty much get beat up during my swordie days, i ended up grinding on solo dungeon just to get exp (thank god for path of heroes update). i am now a DPS knight (two hand quickie-type). if anybody out there is good on playing this game, i just wanted to ask if you could suggest gears for my character?

this are my knight gears atm~

head: anubis helm s [clean]
body: life link r4 [detarteur card x3]
weapon: greatsword of trial s [kukuring 5% x3]
manteau: ancient cape [aspd6 x3]
boots: battle greave r4 from lv40 swordsman box
acc: ancient gloves r4 [disguise card crit+4% x3]

i am now at lv 63
str: 60
agi: 45
vit: 30

my current aspd is 188 with two hand quicken
crit: 62

i am hoping to get 220aspd for maximum dps potential. do you guys have any suggestions? thank you in advance for those who can respond.