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Thread: is it weird to lock your door?

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    The front door is always locked. The back door is never locked unless no one is home or we are sleeping. I would probably keep it locked if we didn't have a fence taller than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markca View Post
    only when everyone's gone for work and when everyone's asleep. Even then nothing happens, my neighborhood is pretty safe.
    lots of people forget to close the garage when they leave for work but nothing ever gets stolen.
    I used to feel this way about my neighborhood. I've lived here since I was six and I am now 25.

    Within the past few years there has been a shooting/murder at the gas station literally three houses and across a street from my house. I believe that gas station has had more problems than that in the past.

    There has been a hostage incident in one of the newest subdivisions about 5-10 minutes from my house, where most people would expect it to be the safest because those people have money, and therefore, assumed to have their shit together. He eventually shot himself and everyone was fine. (I think this might have been last year. If not, it was for sure the year before).

    And most recently, there was a drive-by just a street over from me or something. I heard the gun shots. (This was a couple months ago).

    There have also been a couple gang graffiti incidents on houses and buildings over the years. The two houses next to mine were damaged, but they never touched ours.

    Perhaps my neighborhood has always been this bad and shootings/murders/fights went unreported, I dunno. But I used to walk to and from school by myself from grades 3-6. My friends and I would also walk to the video store and restaurants by ourselves.

    Thinking back on it now, I can't imagine why my parents allowed that. I am so paranoid that I would never let my child under 14 leave the house alone.

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    i lock my doors and check about 5 times if they are locked ...
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    We lock every thing. Doors. Windows. Hell everything dont need any one creeping in our house
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    Vampires can't enter houses without permission, so a lock does you no good.

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    For where we live, nah. We've had problems in the past so we make sure to lock our doors. We also have to have bars on the first floor windows as well.
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