AeriaGames Aura Kingdom: Pros and Cons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KdChan View Post
    Aeria = X-legend sorta of west subsidiary = Grand Fantasia = Eden Eternal = Fantasy Frontier (aka Aura Kingdom) = Dragon Slayer.
    Meh, these games are as always the same concept, engine, gameplay, progression with a different skin, and it explain how they can release so much mmorpgs is so little time.

    If you like one of these games then you like pratically all Aeria games or countrary no one.
    That's a lie. I liked eden eternal, especially staying in the 40-49 channel chat and arena and just leveling all unlocked classes to that point. I completely quit the game after I mistakingly went to lvl50, but all their other games were boring to me.
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    Pro's - P2W, if you pay then you'll win

    Con's - It's P2W

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