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Thread: Florensia will return

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    Default Florensia will return

    Dear Players of Florensia,

    We have fantastic news for you! After the announcement of the shutdown of Florensia, we were really impressed by the amazing show of support for the game by the community. As a result, we have pulled out all the stops to prevent the closure of this unique game and its awesome community.

    During the last days (and nights!) we investigated every angle to overcoming the many obstacles in the way of bringing you Florensia back. After many talks and technical deductions, we are now sure we have found a feasible way. It will not be easy for us, but we think you are worth it! Simply put: Next week Florensia will return and you can play on!

    What does this mean exactly?
    - Due to technical reasons the sever shutdown will still happen on Wednesday August 6.
    - We will transfer the game to a new server and start the game again next week
    - The websites for Florensia will be permanently shutdown

    Please check for further information and the latest updates on our Facebook page:

    Please enjoy the return of Florensia.

    Your Florensia Team

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    The websites for Florensia will be permanently shutdown
    that sounds fishy as hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by vans48 View Post
    that sounds fishy as hell
    They probably let their formations and licenses used for their website slip.

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