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The TDK International Guild's Development Plan

We are an international guild that has been establish since 2010 and has been growing up until now. Our

main goal is offer game servers for all players who love to play and make friend in all around the world.

Moreover, we are proud of ourselves to become an official partner of The China Cultural Ministry.

As can be seen, the rapid development of internet has been growing and has been become a phenomenon all

around the world. What is that mean?? That's mean everyone and every home is now connected to the internet

to make friend, to search for information and to look for something to relax, MMORPG (Game Online), for

instant. Based on that goal, we have decided to make an International Game Community to share, to play and

to server for all players around the world.

Our plans is still developing and we are building a website for us. So, we want to recruit about 2

administrators in each country or city. The main job is to introduce about the TDK to everyone and invite

them to join. Furthermore, we need people who love to play and share experiences about MMORPG (Game

Online). The idea person should be: Love to Play MMORPG; Video Editting skills; Edit /Modify game info and

all you know about MMORPG are always welcome

You do not have to know all of them. you know one or less, but you love to join us. We are always welcome

friendly person. We always share experiences with each other. All For One and One For All that's how our

community work.

Welcome All To Join Us.
Yours Faithfully
TDK International Guild