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    In freestyle football, you don't simply control one of many players on your team; you control a single player on the pitch, where every move you make can change the game.
    Learn new skills and develop a unique style of play to creat your own LEGEND.
    You might start off green, but keep at it and one day you just might become a freestyle football legend.

    It's your game

    Creat a dynamic, free style of play by mixing and matching your own set of skills and tactics.
    Select one of the positions and stay true to the role required of you, with your own style.
    It's not just the shots that call the match in freestylefootball. A single pass or tackle can also turn the tide.
    Don't worry if your position doesn't satisfy, you can select a specialization that will help you catch up to, or even exceed your rivals

    Play it your way

    Play as a member of a team or lead your own team to victory.
    Dominate the pitch with cunning strategy and tactics in the football mode!
    Kick your way through the dynamic and fast-paced futsal mode!
    Assemble your own elite team and face off a a series of challenging AI opponents in the scoring mide!
    Co operate with your friends to build the most for midable team in the world.
    In freestyle football, there is more than one way to play.

    Unleash your individuality

    Why stop at wearing the same old uniform as others?
    In freestyle football , you can express your personality with a higly-customizable range of attire.
    Let your personality shine through hand picked hairstyles, costumes , celebrations and skills to write your own story.
    Dont forget to find some matching jerseys to wear your teammates, though.
    It will serve to intimidate your oppoments before each match

    Where to find this game?

    This game can be find on the makers site :
    gamekiss :

    Interrested how it looks ?
    Here a youtube video's :

    Yes we do community runs! :

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    This has already been posted many times

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    then its posted once again

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