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    Just re-watched the film. It's got to be one of my all-time favorite movies. It's a great comedy, has amazing effects, and can even be a bit somber. Especially at the end, in the credits as you watch as we destroy ourselves over the Helium 3 on the moon.

    Reminds me of stuff like Pluto Nash or the Fifth Element.

    Can't really comprehend why it apparently got mostly negative reviews by critics. Perhaps "Head-up-ass" syndrome.
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    still haven't seen this, thanks for reminding me.
    the future is bleak, uncertain, beautiful
    tomorrow they might come and arrest us all
    only if you listen closely can you hear the machines
    beneath the side walk whispering
    the machines beneath the side walk are
    always whispering
    strive to listen close
    please, try to be free
    don't be afraid
    the end of the world will never come

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