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Thread: Mortal Online anyone?

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    Default Mortal Online anyone?

    Just DLed it and thought it looks fun. I like sand boxy stuff like runescape and EVE. Always good to have friends in theses sorts of games sooo any takers?

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    I tried to get into MO, but after spending hours chopping trees (which you'll be doing alot of) and getting stabbed in the back by high-level griefers, I left. Should be a great game to get into with friends though, I recommend finding and joining a good, helpful guild.

    Fair warning, its open-world PvP with emphasis on killing people lower level and looting all their stuff.

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    I thought I could enjoy MO.
    But me and a friend just didn't enjoy it much.
    Time and time again, we got owned by high level players and took all our stuff.

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    Game's not worth it.
    After trying to get into the combat and crafting there's not much else to do other than get killed by other players as soon as you leave town or laugh at the fact that people have wieners.

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    This is the type of game that either requires you to be a naturally hardcore player, or join up with a good group of players. Community is everything in this game. There's also a lot of issues with the game, and development of new features is quite slow due to there being a very small team working on the game.

    I played it for about three years. Two years nearly non-stop and then off-and-on for a year. I haven't played it much at all this year, though. If you enjoy territory control and can look past the problems facing the game, you can have a lot of fun. The crafting is incredibly in-depth - especially the alchemy. Alchemy works like it would in reality, for the most part. Almost everything in the game is given hidden alchemic stats, and discovering these stats and trying to find the perfect potions is something that in-game alchemist have been working on since the system was introduced. Guilds always want a good alchemist, and an alchemist database is his most sacred object.
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