Usually i dont like scifi because its very startrek/stargate and very predictable and so smug.

But i just found out that some relatively newer sci fi TV series are really pushing the envelope. Sensible way out disaster sci fi scenarios!

Ok Falling Skies starts out good with a really ominous alien invasion full of alien possession, amazing tech, real devastation and gritty realism. It really begins to slide in the 3rd season and now it is in its 4th season. Its final season is 2015. It's nt bad to watch in the first few seasons and its pretty fun to see exciting scifi.

The Last Ship: I REALLY like this one. The scenario is global virus attack!!! Almost everyone hads died ina zombie virus outbreak and governments have collapsed! One of the only survivors is a navy Arleigh Burke Class destroyer (this is a pretty strong ship) and its up to the capn + crew to figure out how to survive and what their responsibilities are in this apocalyptic scenario! It's great! (i esp like the macho Capn and the scientist who is from the Underworld Lycans genre )

The Strain: Ok this isn't too bad. Although its vampires it includes the aspect of vampiric virus! Im into viruses hope it doesnt happen or anythign :/ Its from a comic book and I suspect i could get bored of this show since it is only up to its er.. 6th episode (same as Last Ship)? But so far its pretty good! And everyone is getting killed or slimed and the horror and demonic and world-ending aspects are still very dominant and scary!!

Have you guys watched any of these? Any thoughts or feedback about them?