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Thread: Hades lets play a game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narfi Hungry Willem View Post
    Path three climb through the wall of rocks coverd in fire and face pain and your self burning away and watching your self grow back
    you chose path three. You grinch down on your teeth and starting climbing the fire covered rocks. The pain is beyond any thing a human could bare in his living life. As you keep climbing for what seems for ever you see a small dim light. Your skin as done burned off and grew back but you bared the pain. You mange to get to the top near the light. Then you come across one last test. The finel test you must kill your mother. You was always a mamas boy and seeing your mother at the top in torment. She seemed to be alive but aslo dead. She died from an overdose of heroin she tryed over and over in life to get right with god but never could seem to. The thorns are all stuck in her flesh. The beings appear to you yet again. They tell you that you can either kill her here and you both be free. Are you can join here in the torment for ever. You begin think is this all a trick. Hell mabye a trick of the mind. Which do you choose?

    To kill her soul in which will free you both. But aslo cause here much pain.

    Are to refusing killing your mother and be with her in torment for ever and to never be free?
    You guys here are some of the most stupid and insulting people out there. I say to you all fuc.k you all. I am really tired of you guys judging me and thinking your above me. Only god can judge me. Later all. Enjoy your onrpg . I come here and be nice to you guys and yet you choose to call me names. Thats fine i dont need you all any more. Bye

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