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Thread: your thoughts on Wildstar now after 2-3 months

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    Default your thoughts on Wildstar now after 2-3 months

    I have, and am still, playing Wildstar actively. I want your guys' opinion on the current state of the game and what you think of the future of it. Would love to see what everyone thinks of it now after a few months.

    My opinion:

    Game is hands down awesome. As a pvper, it's the first game i enjoy pveing b/c the dungeon content is so can't just fill in a spot with someone that has gear, the person actually has to be pretty damn good. The game mechanics are very unique with telegraphs and is a ton of fun, no more targeting...all aim. The problem with this, though, is if you have high ping you are severely gimped (especially as a melee) which i personally have to deal with playing from Korea. This game, i feel, has so much potential...but is severly being held back by multiple things...

    There are still so many minor bugs that they have not fixed yet. Not to mention the changes they are making to the game are sometimes what? For example...the devs seem to not all be on the same page. They wanted to get away from rng and decided to make pvp gear roll random rune slots upon purchase (what?). The population, i feel, has gone severely down...especially as someone who plays at an asian/oceanic timezone. Que times used to be insta-pop, now you dont even think of queing rated battlegrounds during our primetime b/c you could be waiting for an hour.

    Theres my 2 cents, would like to hear what you guys think!

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    It's bad. It's soooo bad...

    - PvP is completely out of balance
    - pvp level restrictions make no sense: 6-14 and 14-29? Would've made more sense with 6-20, or wait with the introduction till lvl10.
    - One side is dominating the other side 90% of the time (aka Exile vs. Dominion)

    - PvE is really boring.
    - At a certain level mobs suddenly get a insane amount of HP and are able to 4-5 hit you if you aren't spamming skills.
    - Some quests are completely useless. Requires you to walk from point A to B and then following a whole alphabet, for a lousy 1k exp, which you could've spend that time getting more with just grinding on mobs.
    - Movement speed is sooo slow, and getting your first mount on lvl11 really requires luck with getting stuff to sell on the market.

    - De economy is the worst. After a month or 2 you would expect it would've settled in, but low level stuff are occasionally 3 times more expensive then a tier 1 exotic piece.
    - Community isn't great at all. You find more assholes calling new players noobs, then people that actually want to lend a hand.

    - The game needs to be optimized. A friend of mine couldn't even play it properly, while he had all the recommended settings, and I couldn't max the game out, while I have a PC that's kind of overkill for that game in terms of specs.
    - Constantly stuck between the 40-50 fps on the field and could go below the 20fps when entering a packed town.

    I was lucky that I could get it for really cheap, or else I would've had more regrets

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    The pvp and optimization is what killed the game for me. Now they're talking about server merges because people are dropping the game like a bad habit.

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    As someone who is not a player, I am still not interested in playing the game.
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    Still love it. I've got two 50s on Bloodsworn, one ready to raid though lacking a guild for it..I'm sure I'll find a good one soon.
    At the moment I'm working toward a new 50 on Pergo, to see just how different the population is.

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    Game is a mess, really.

    The only content are dungeons(useless outside of raid attunement), raids, dailies (oh my god so many dailies..), and.. wait.. that's about it.

    ·PvP is a shitfest, optimization is still extremely poor (rip amd users)

    ·Dungeon gear is useless when the crafted gear is superior + easier to get the rune slots you need

    ·Classes are very imbalanced (e.g esper only useful for cc, stalker shit tank but OP dps)

    ·Game is 'open world' yet everything feels boxed in and zoned, world doesn't feel cohesive

    ·Combat is ****ing DDR on drugs, holy shit it gets obnoxious after a while

    ·The leveling process is extremely bland, they could've atleast ripped off GW2 questing, would fit the game a lot better

    It's not BAD, but it's very generic outside of its 'the floor is lava'-gameplay. If you enjoy raiding as the only incentive to keep playing, then you might like it.

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    So much content forgot to put in balance . Pretty much sums the game up. There is a reason why WoW got rid of the attument process shiet is tedious and boring.
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    Will it go F2P?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTN View Post
    Will it go F2P?
    No. I told them via a tweet / email / suggestion that they should do what FFXIV 1.0 >> 2.0 did, and just re-do everything from the start. It would be the best of both worlds. if they do go free to play, then they just don't want to deal with the game anymore, and it's going to die.

    I've been telling you guys and the forums of WildStar a bunch that the economy won't be settled. No one believed me.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaperJedi View Post
    So much content forgot to put in balance . Pretty much sums the game up. There is a reason why WoW got rid of the attument process shiet is tedious and boring.
    I'm also glad for draenor, they're stat squashing and consolidating some stats into one stat (IE: Crit, etc.) As well as cleaning up redundant skills, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coldReactive View Post
    No. I told them via a tweet / email / suggestion that they should do what FFXIV 1.0 >> 2.0 did, and just re-do everything from the start. It would be the best of both worlds.
    Wait why should they go dark and relaunch again in 2 years? Made sense for FFXIV but not following the logic here.
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