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Thread: SMITE Convention Guan Yu Skin Event

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    Default Best play on the smite NA

    Quote Originally Posted by isi View Post
    The teamfight of the #1 was not bad at all, but that speed buff defense, was too good to be the #3. Just respect that rock.
    The orgasm was in the 03: 30, to be specific.
    Epic team fight like the play #3

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    Picking the winners now! Remember to please respond to your inbox or check the read confirmed box when you claim your prize so we don't end up giving it out on tomorrow's stream. Winners names will be posted here and in the OP post shortly.

    Congrats to the winners:
    5 Killablade
    6 MrA
    7 Speedlock
    10 Isi
    11 RikuSama
    15 Amaxion
    20 Necroxs
    21 tokoo69
    23 oang123
    27 Logeyts
    30 Timur123995
    32 venox55
    39 game33
    40 genjishield
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    Thank you very much.


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