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    Lightbulb critticwars

    Hey guys. Today I am sharing with you my favorite online game!

    This is a text based MMORPG.

    If you ever played then this game is perfect for you! is made by the old admins of critticage when it was shut down (Gibbo & Aaleck).
    They did a way better job in "re-creating" the game, the only problem is they have not been so good on the advertising side

    The game is pretty inactive, there is only a few of us who always log on. But with more people this will change! Come to and help change its future!

    Not to mention, you could easily still become one of the richest and strongest players in this game!

    I will also personally take anyone who joins the game "under my wing". Ill help you out alot and get you started if you want, and as long as you are gonna stay active there

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    The only thing about the actual game you mentioned is that it is a text based MMORPG, and that it's based on a game that was closed down.

    Tell us a bit about the features, the community, why it's fun, why we should play it over other games, etc... The only people that this post is relevant to are people who have played "Crittic Age," and I'm guessing a majority of the people who read this post haven't. A lot of people will glance over this post, see that there's next to no information about the game itself, and then say "Meh" and move on because they don't want to have to go do research to figure out what the game is themselves.

    Also, even though it's a text based game, try posting a few screenshots.

    Edit: Buddha, even the guys who develop it can't write a proper "About" page for the game. There's not one mention of an actual feature, anything about the story, or anything relevant to people who want to know what the **** the game is about in this.

    "CritticWars strives to be different." How? "We're always adding additional content to teh game in the form of new features, updates, and side games." Like what? I have no idea what content, features, or side-games you already offer. Why would I care about the stuff you're going to add in the future if I have nothing to compare it to?

    CritticWars is a free browser based RPG game with a simple goal of keeping you entertained. CritticWars is owned, managed and developed by people just like you. We listen to every suggestion, comment and complaint that you may have. We've all been there; you're surfing around the internet late at night and you're bored out of your mind. You login to another browser based game and you're finished playing the actual game within minutes. CritticWars strives to be different. We're always adding additional content to the game in the form of new features, updates and side games. If you're just a casual player that likes to hop on for a few minutes a day or if you're a hard core gamer that logs in many hours this game is for you.

    The first line of code was written in November of 2009 and was released in September of 2010. It's still a really new game and any one still has a shot to be number one. One of the most important parts of the game is the community. CritticWars has one great community. Most of the players are there if you need help or if you just want someone to talk too. We also have a dedicated support team ready to answer any and all of your questions that you may have when you first start the game. Are you ready to begin your adventure?
    The only thing we have to go off to figure out what features the game offers are two screenshots.

    From these, we can figure out a few things.

    • There is a reputation system.
    • Levels are a thing.
    • You can have a "Partner"... Does this mean something like a "Group" or marriage, or?
    • Gangs are a thing.
    • There is a battle system that uses Health and Energy.
    • There are bases in the game, that can be controlled by players(?)
    • Player owned properties(?)
    • Something called Trials of Destiny
    • Plus(Premium) membership.
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