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Thread: Dizzel Review: A Spoonful of Violence Helps the Mediocrity go Down

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    Default Dizzel Review: A Spoonful of Violence Helps the Mediocrity go Down

    Mikedot takes an early access review of this dated TPS shooter, claiming that it doesn't strive to be anything except mediocre.
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    Dizzel is a TPS title that doesn’t seem to strive to be anything more than a cheap alternative to other TPS shooters that are currently available. It’s almost as if the developers took a checklist and marked off every little detail that is required to make a complete TPS title before sending it out to the F2P market, but didn’t spend any time working on a checklist to make sure that the game was actually fun and distinguishable compared to its competition. For those that have never played a TPS title before may be able to enjoy Dizzel as a decent time waster, but will most likely more onto a much better title within a short while. And for those that are already fans of the genre will see Dizzel as something that is utterly forgettable.
    That's a perfect summary of the game. If there had not been such a huge delay in the NA/EU localization it may have had a chance. But now? The F2P TPS genre isn't really flooded but this game doesn't even compare.
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