what are you reading?

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    Default what are you reading?

    novels, books, biographies, poems, textbooks, articles, scrolls, tabloids, religious doctrines, whatevs. if yr reading it or just read it, post it here. preferably with a little description.

    right now i am reading:

    Perdido Street Station by China Mieville - i'm reading this slow, 'cause it's a pretty tough read for me, but i love it so far. the world mieville is creating is super fun and fascinating. on every page he hints toward something incredibly awesome just around the corner. he only shows you a small fraction of what his amazing city has to offer, but he's contantly dropping hints about the rest his city and the rest of his world. it makes the story come to life in a great way. of course i'm still early in the book, so i'm looking forward to learning more about new crobuzon and bas-lag.

    Dark Places by Gillian Flynn - i'm almost done with this one. this is sort of a crime/mystery thriller, but hold on, it doesn't totally suck. it's a pretty original story with a fantastic main character. the protagonist isn't an anti-hero so much as she's just kind of a dick. yr still forced to sympathize with her and root for her though, just 'cause she's just such an interesting character. the story isn't that engaging and the other characters are pretty meh, but it's well written and the main character was enough to get me to read the whole thing.

    A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti - this is just a little book of poems that i read through probably once a month because it's my favorite collection of poems ever. i picked it up last night because it was there and it's still incredible. if you like poetry, or if you don't like poetry, you should try this one sometime.

    so what have y'all been reading

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    Bought to read Severed Souls in a lil bit, then The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books.
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    Bunch of Psychology/psychiatry textbooks (not because I'm studying but because I like to read stuff like that),

    (to be specific "The Project Gutenberg EBook of Psychotherapy", "Common mental health disorders THE NICE GUIDELINE ON IDENTIFICATION AND PATHWAYS TO CARE", and "Mental Illnesses - Evaluation, Treatments and Implications")

    and a bunch of military, security and general combatives manuals, just because why not? Always some golden gems of applied psychology, and more pragmatic observations about human behavior to be found in stuff like that.

    (to be specific "Exec guide to personal security", "EPS-101 Protective Security Awarness", "Targeted Violence",
    "Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence", "FM 34-8-2 Intelligence Officer's Handbook", "FM 34-60 Counterintelligence", "MCWP 2-6 Counterintelligence", "ST 2-22.7 Tactical Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations", and a couple of others.

    Also just finished reading the entire The Strain Trilogy because I got tired of waiting for new episodes in the TV adaptation series.
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    For pleasure:

    Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

    You Just Don't Understand!: Men and Women in Conversation, by Deborah Tannen

    For school:

    Speech and Voice Science by Behrman

    Understanding Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders: A Primer for Students and Practioners by Haynes and Johnson

    Play, by Brown

    Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Fisher and Ury

    The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution by Weeks

    Reading: You Just Don't Understand!: Women and Men in Conversations by Deborah Tannen (50%)
    Last read: A Child Named "It" by Dave Pelzer (NOT BAD), A Dance With Dragons by GRRM (4.5/5), A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin (3.5/5)

    Interested in why I picked these books, or want to recommend me some more? Just pm me. I love books.

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    some times the king james bible


    and my dreams there really just nightmares but meh <.... meaning im trying to figure them out and understand them more lately my dreams have been an increase on death demons and now the occult its very odd and confusing
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    Over the last month or so I have read quite a few.
    -Dresden Files(#15) Skin Game. Good modern fantasy series about a wizard PI. Lots of action and humor. Nice read for adult nerds. 4/5

    -Iron Druid(#7) Shattered. Similar to the above. Modern fantasy following a 2100 year old druid and his wisecracking canine. 5/5

    -Nightside(#1). Another modern fantasy with a wizard PI but without much humor, action, or decent story telling. Imagine DBZ with Krillen as the main character. 2/5

    -Girl in the Box(#3). Modern super hero fantasy. Growing up on comics I liked this immediately. The only downside is that when the main character(female) does her emotional stuff I kinda lose interest but there hasn't been a ton of that so far. I'll buy book 4 next week ater I finish my current read.3/5
    (Books 1-3 are currently free on Amazon)

    I am currently reading:
    -Called: Southern Watch(#1) A bit darker modern fantasy written by the same guy who does the Girl in the Box series. I just started it and I am not sure what it's about yet other than demons infesting a small TN town but unless it takes a hard left turn I think i'll enjoy it.
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    Morrissey's autobiography

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    Walking Dead comic...all caught up. Actually I think 130 probably just came out so one behind.

    I ****ing hate Rick.

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    mostly i'm reading bjarne stroustrup's programming: principles and practice using c++

    when i feel like reading something else i'm reading one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez
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