Project Gorgon Alpha is huge fun. If you loved games like Everquest, Asheron's Call, or Ultima Online; this is the game for you! I'm having so much fun that I want to share it with everyone. Despite being an alpha, the game almost feels finished. The content is just so amazing, and you will always have something to do. Something rare today, a helpful community, is present with this gem of an MMORPG.

  • Skill-Based Class System: Every 'class' is actually a skill with many abilities associated with it. There are currently dozens. You can mix any two skill sets together and play with six abilities from each at a time! Every class has a lot of thought put into it, and some are pretty fun. Druids, at skill cap, can transform into a bird and fly around in the air.
  • Innovative NPC System: NPC's actually have a use. You need to be friends with NPC's for them to buy your stuff at a higher value, and have more money to buy it with. You also need a certain amount of reputation with them for them to sell or give you certain things. Some Skills in the game require you to help out an NPC for some time before they give you what you want.
  • Public Dungeons: Every place in the world is shared with you and everyone else in the game. It's one massive open world. You can fight mobs together with your friends, or random strangers.
  • Innovative Loot: There is no junk in Project Gorgon. Anything you get, you can give as a gift to certain NPC's to raise their favor with you. Most of these items are also used in one of the dozens of crafting skills in the game.
  • A Witty Charm: The game is pretty amazing when it comes to humor. There is an emphasis on mature content that will make you cringe or laugh at times. There are permanent curses in the game that you get when losing a boss, and many of them have a comedic effect. (Your words might be typed backwards until you fight the boss and win, or you might become a cow. There is also gear for these curse forms.)

It's a Lot of Fun
And Alpha is free. Show your support by playing the game and helping us iron out the bugs! There actually aren't too many at the moment, though some are glaringly obvious. The more important ones get squished first, so just let the developer (there's only one!) know through the in-game bug reporting system.

It failed, and I hope they do another. That's all I want to say about that.

TheHiveLeader has a great review of the game! You can watch it at the link below.

Get in the Game
You can find the game download link at and you can register within the game. You can play as a guest, too, just remember to finish signing up.

Helpful People
If you need some help, people like Cowinator, Ratero, and Veryn in the game can help you out. Just send us a /tell and we will try to answer your questions as well as we can! Just remember that we can get swamped.

Game Tips
Everything has a use, so kill everything you find. Read potions before you drink them, or you might be cursed. Many skills come from NPC's. You can generally find out what they have to offer by talking to them, but some are tricky. Shield is from Tyler Green in the Starter Cave, while Mentalism is from Echur in Serbule. Also in the Starter Cave, the very first NPC teaches Psychology when you cheer him up with a Pick-Me-Up Juice.

The Troll NPC in Sunvale teaches Hammer, while the altar to the Southwest of him will grant you Druidism. You can pick up the first Animal Handling Skill right outside the Crypt (Tame Rat) but remember to hold on to any Fire Dust or Sulphur you find! You need a lot of it for Fire Magic.

Some of the best gear comes from NPC vendors, since you can see what people sell to vendors in the 'Buy Used' tab.