So, here's the case: I currently live in a dorm at my school. At the dorm we're on the schools Internet.
The internet has extremly many restrictions so I cant even log-onto like Steam or LoL.

As you understand, its so freaking depressing. It feels like Im about to cut my wrists open any day now.

So I need help finding some good free to play singleplayer games, since I cant play online at all, not even thru browsers.
And I cant download torrents.
So, they need to be downloadable directly thru the browser.
Steam and other clients thats need to connect to internets wont work either.
All VPN clients are blocked so I cant even bypass it. I've tried everything.

Please help a brother out. Im so freaking bored, and I dont have any cash 2 buy games.

Please just pour some good games at me and I will forever be grateful.