Does anyone still play Talesweaver JP?

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    Default Does anyone still play Talesweaver JP?

    I've been trying different games and I keep on coming back to Ragnarok Online but at some point while partying and doing TI's I just feel the need to uninstall...only to find myself downloading the damn client again. I wanna break out of this love and hate relationship with RO. At the moment, I'm stuck waiting for news on Tree of Savior and through my days just surfing the internet for a game that closely resembles RO I came across TalesWeaverJAPAN. I know for a fact that storytelling and the combat style for TW is a lot better than RO's. So I was able to start the game with just some common sense thrown in but I felt kind of lonely so I was wondering if there are any players that still play this game. I'm hoping for an English community so if anyone has heard or is in one currently please give me some info. I'd greatly appreciate it. I kind of don't want to put this game down because it looks like it has so much potential.

    Please refrain from making comments that aren't beneficial to the topic. I do not care about your opinions on this game.

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    I'm currently trying my best to stay away from ragnarok, the TI's feel a bit boring and the gearing is so difficult with all those merchants buying the cheap gears and selling it for a bigger profit, that totally turned me down how majority of the players merchant and gather zeny for no reason.

    onrpgers don't play talesweaver anymore, the people that used to play were only able to because there were a few members creating accounts for them. I used to play it and stopped playing for because I felt like playing it in English, I grinded to lv.255 within days. (max level is lv.270 at the moment)

    the strongest boss in the game, he's also huge

    they scrapped the whole story for episode 1,2 to fix the chapter bugs (being unable to continue the story in the global version for an example) they released a different version of episode 1 which is more like a third person view with less side stories.

    I agree that it has a lot of potential but it's really hard to come by without the help of

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