9 Dragons

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    Default 9 Dragons

    so how's this game? http://9dragons.gamescampus.com/
    decent? don't bother downloading? kinda need opinion of those who already tried this

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    Super old game that was originally hosted by Acclaim before they finally went under. It's decent at best and one I can kinda recommend but only if you can find a good populated private server for. The actual game is fairly pay to win and the leveling system is pretty awful and confusing at times. The different clans are pretty interesting especially since theres three different classes within each clan too. In a sense it's like a predecessor to something like Age of Wushu. I remember maxing out a beggar's clan and shaolin monk back when Acclaim hosted it.

    There's more info on the game mechanics and such in the wiki for the article too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9Dragons

    Edit: Oh yeah and I forgot that they had announced a second game years ago but I doubt it'll ever make it to the west.
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    It's a lesser Age of Wushu. It was great for its time and I loved playing it, but it's outdated and no so much fun as Wushu (in my opinion).
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